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    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Perhaps a better comparison is how many people go into the app to look at available FP or Dining reservations that they don't plan to use? Asking if someone practices standing in line for popcorn is a false equivalent because from childhood we are taught how to line up. No one needs to...
  2. disnyfan89

    Ian & Barley from Onward Characters

    This is actually an access door to the Hyperion Theater. The meet and greet was located here while there was no permanent use for the theater. Once the area was turned into American Idol the monsters were relocated.
  3. disnyfan89

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disneyland

    As a former DL GR CM (circa 2009) I can say we certainly would have instances were we would void an individuals ticket and reissue it for another day. We would take their tickets, escort them out the park gates and then hand them their new unused tickets. A full refund was less likely. There was...
  4. disnyfan89

    News Reservations only Restaurants @EPCOT

    It's possible they were "reservations only" at the time you were trying to dine. I used to work at a sit down in MK and when we were fully booked we would tell people we were Reservations only and not accepting walk ups. Also park capacity has nothing to do with restaurant capacity, especially...
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    Should Disneyland have more soft openings for its new rides? - OCR/SCNG

    I didn't click the link and only read the quoted part of the article, but did he also mention the almost year long delay in getting west coast racers up and running despite advertising it as new for 2019 to the general public?
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    MSEP to Return to WDW for 50th Celebration?

    Having seen it in person during the 35th I can say its fun but nothing special. It's actually a lot of repurposed audio from Remember at Disneyland and The Magic the Memories and You / Celebrate the Magic. It also has some world of color, both original and 60th version, thrown in for good...
  7. disnyfan89

    MSEP to Return to WDW for 50th Celebration?

    I still maintain for the 50th they should do a new parade that takes inspiration from both Spectromagic and MSEP and call it the ElectroMagical Parade. Since it would be for MK 50th each segment would be a tribute to the park. The music would be directly influenced by the Original Spectro...
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    News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    If it wasn’t for the fact it’s entering through cherry tree lane and most people didn’t care for Meryl Streep’s segment in the movie I would suggest a Vekoma Madhouse attraction based on the visit with Topsy
  9. disnyfan89

    Predictions! Secret WDC Project — August 22 @ D23

    I mean... this did recently pop up on Twitter.
  10. disnyfan89

    Rumor Disney Characters Being Added to IASW

    The only one in Tokyo I think overly stands out is Baloo and Mowgli
  11. disnyfan89

    Rumor Disney Characters Being Added to IASW

    Oh haven’t you heard... Disneyland park was based on the hit IP television show Disneyland! :cool:
  12. disnyfan89

    Rumor Disney Characters Being Added to IASW

    This ship sailed over ten years ago when Disney opened Hong Kong’s IASW back in 2008. Having been on HKD, TDL, and DL IASW with the characters I really enjoy their inclusion. When integrated properly it’s a nice nod to the history of the cultures that these story’s originated from. It’s subtle...
  13. disnyfan89

    Rumor Bye Bye (Tiki) Birdies?

    And what pray tell do you consider the pinnacle of Disney Animated song lyrics?
  14. disnyfan89

    News Tomorrowland love

    Personally I’m just expecting something like this to be overlaid onto the arch.
  15. disnyfan89

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I personally would love Disney to partner with RMC to develop a family friendly replacement for SM using their raptor track. I think it would be a great way to modernize space mountain while keeping the aspects that make it unique.
  16. disnyfan89

    Upcoming/Rumored Projects

    Sorry if I’m behind the time but what is the construction happening on the pathway from FOLK to Pandora? Did I get my wires crossed and that is where club 33 is going?
  17. disnyfan89

    News Tomorrowland love

    I think you'll find the thrill level to be more on par with RnRC or the Mummy at Universal. The launch at the beginning of Tron is 60 mph. Plus Tron features a unique restraint that has you leaning forward like on a motorcycle which adds to the thrill factor as you feel much more exposed than in...
  18. disnyfan89

    News Tomorrowland love

    It is a clone of the attraction from SDL
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