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  1. Mikester71

    Welcome, foolish mortals

    Welcome, foolish mortals
  2. Mikester71

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    So haven’t been down since end of April 2015, but excited to say we are FINALLY heading back to WDW in April of 2021.
  3. Mikester71

    What the heck does your username mean???

    Use the same one on most forums I am on. Started it back when Napster first became a "thing" and it is basically just my name, Mike, mashed up with "Napster". Threw my year of birth on the end since Mikester was already being used that fateful day I joined the Napster universe.
  4. Mikester71

    Space Mountain Refurb?

    Glad I found this thread tonight. We are going down from April 20th until the 30th and I received an email a few days ago telling me that our FP+ for Space Mountain were cancelled for the 21st and wondered what the heck was going on. We were given Splash Mountain ones for that day instead. I...
  5. Mikester71

    Paying off trip using Disney gift cards

    Hope it went a bit smoother for you then it did for me entering them all yesterday. After sleeping on it, I actually do think it was worth the savings though. Even with that little hiccup or two! :D
  6. Mikester71

    Paying off trip using Disney gift cards

    If I would have known about that Disney Vacation Planning account thing on their website a bit earlier, I think I might have actually given it a try after reading up on it here!
  7. Mikester71

    Paying off trip using Disney gift cards

    So one quick update here. The site crashed a couple of times on me in the middle of entering all the cards and we were off by $100 (2 cards) when all was said and done. I re-entered the numbers all over again and it found one of the missing cards, but it took me a third time of re-entering all...
  8. Mikester71

    Paying off trip using Disney gift cards

    Much thanks for the many replies and suggestions, Disney friends! We ended up buying $1800 worth at Sam's Club this afternoon, no problems whatsoever. Even had the lady behind us in line ask us what we were doing with all of those cards. When my wife explained to her how you could use them to...
  9. Mikester71

    Paying off trip using Disney gift cards

    Thanks Minthorne, and that is most likely the way we are going to go, but hoping I can find a toll-free number that I can call. You see, I downgraded our home phone plan since we all have cell phones and don't get free North America calling now (I SWEAR we have the worst phone and data plans up...
  10. Mikester71

    Paying off trip using Disney gift cards

    First I'd like to say that I did do a search on here about this topic but didn't find what I was looking for with regards to this topic. Plus, I really kind of need the info quickly as my wife wants to do this some time later today. We put down a $200 deposit over the phone when I called and...
  11. Mikester71

    Spring Discount offer

    Kind of funny, but when I finally got through yesterday morning at 7am to book our April vacation (after having difficulties on their website the night before, as I mentioned in my earlier post #43 in this thread), the CM basically kept calling this Spring Discount offer a special Canadian deal...
  12. Mikester71

    Spring Discount offer

    They will, but I can't remember if you have to call and have them do it for you. I know we booked all of our trips a year or so in advance through CAA up here in Canada and then when a better deal came out, we just called our agent and had her switch it to the better offer for us. If we were...
  13. Mikester71

    What is your Length of stay

    We make the LONG drive down from Canada every trip, and after staying for 7 days the first time, we've only done 10 day trips since then. Gives us time to relax and enjoy everything at a nice pace before having to make the long haul back up to Canada!
  14. Mikester71

    Driving Cleveland to Orlando with 6 in tow..

    We have always driven down 75S from up here in Canada (an hour north of Detroit, so we pick it up when we hit Detroit) and although we have run into a few hiccups on a couple of trips, I still generally think it is the easiest way down from up this way. If you or someone you know is a AAA...
  15. Mikester71

    Spring Discount offer

    Weird. I had a package all set to be booked for our trip at the end of April with the new Spring Discount applied around midnight here and went to talk to my wife about it quickly and when I came back to the computer, it now won't let me book it with the Spring Room Discount. It will let me book...
  16. Mikester71

    What lessons did you learn from your first WDW trip?

    That you can't possibly do and see everything that WDW has to offer in just one trip. Take your time, relax (remember - you ARE on vacation after all) and enjoy the sights and sounds of the parks at your own pace. If you don't see everything the first time, it gives you a reason to go back...
  17. Mikester71

    How Many Days for You? Part 11

    Haven't been on the site in a while and just noticed that my last post was in this thread (Part 10 though) and at that time I was happy to finally be under 300 days (hit 299 that day). Boy, how time flies as we are now sitting at 119 days!!!:D
  18. Mikester71

    How Many Days for you Part 10

    FINALLY under 300!!! 299 and counting...
  19. Mikester71

    Does anybody drive off site to shop?

    I'm bad at remembering which streets they are on, but we usually head to a nearby Sam's Club and Target to buy a few groceries and supplies for our room. We hit up a few of the Outlet stores, but usually just to look around.
  20. Mikester71

    Spring Break?

    Heading down April 20th next year, just me and my wife for once. Have only been in March during our March/Spring Break with the kids, and let me tell you, it was PACKED all four trips! But we used FastPass (the old FastPass, not this new system) and managed to ride everything we wanted to and...
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