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  1. RiversideBunny

    BLT- and not the tower

    "Enjoy every sandwich." - Warren Zevon :)
  2. RiversideBunny

    Sushi Bar in Polynesian

    I think it's means California Grill. I heard a story about when they first started the Dining Plan, with apetizer. Some guys ate about $300 worth of sushi in EPCOT before WDW wised up and took it off the plan for that restaurant. Not reallly sure how it stands now. :)
  3. RiversideBunny

    odd situation in the parks that I would like some help with

    It is possible for an American to go 6 hours without eating. :)
  4. RiversideBunny

    odd situation in the parks that I would like some help with

    How does this compare to some of the guests who are there for Star Wars Weekend? :)
  5. RiversideBunny

    odd situation in the parks that I would like some help with

    So what was the problem - I don't understand. Everbody has something that they get excited about. :)
  6. RiversideBunny

    Yacht and Beach - Not for New Englanders?

    I've gotten the impression that guests from the NY/NJ area like the Beach Club. :)
  7. RiversideBunny

    resort mugs

    Yes. You'll find that we are somewhat civilized here in the US. No need to worry. Have fun. :)
  8. RiversideBunny

    Any changes to Fantasmic seating?

    We have arrived an hour early. We have also arrived within 15 minutes of the show. Only difference was that when early we sat in the middle. When within 15 minutes we were in the section all the way on the left. You know what- Both places work quite well. There are no bad seats...
  9. RiversideBunny

    resort mugs

    Real fruit juice is available but as a prepacked item, not for your mug. There are also some fruit flavored drinks on the refill bar. :)
  10. RiversideBunny

    All Star Movies...

    Do you have to pay more for preferred locations? I think they started that. :)
  11. RiversideBunny

    Lunch Buffet at Chef Mickey's??

    If the lunch doesn't work out you might consider a late breakfast and call it lunch. An 11 or 11:30 reservation is possible and, because it's later and less crowded, you can get more attention from the characters. Good luck. :)
  12. RiversideBunny

    Low crowd trends? Is this true?

    At last, a rational list of reasons. Thanks. :king:
  13. RiversideBunny

    Picture Poses

    Too much time on the Katy freeway, huh? :)
  14. RiversideBunny

    Private Owned Condo(s) at Fort Wilderness?

    There's going to come a point where the WDW area is saturated with places to stay and live. Including the currently planned additions, it may be there already. The attraction balloon is going to develop a leak at some time. Even WDW cannot provide infinite expansion as a destination. :)
  15. RiversideBunny

    Keep Your Hands Inside The Boat - Alligators

    There can be alligators all along the Southern coast of the US. I have personally seen 'gators in SC and we have some here. Probably they are found from NC to Texas in the coastal areas and all over FL. Do not touch them. Do not pet them. Do not pose your kids with them for pictures. A...
  16. RiversideBunny

    Keep Your Hands Inside The Boat - Alligators

    What does he eat, since there are no Disney tourists in that spot? Tks. :)
  17. RiversideBunny

    Keep Your Hands Inside The Boat - Alligators

    As a good practice, always look under the beds when you first check into your room. :rolleyes:
  18. RiversideBunny

    Keep Your Hands Inside The Boat - Alligators

    Be careful around WDW lakes - NAPLES, FL -- Florida wildlife officials say a 10-foot alligator bit off a man's hand while he was swimming in a canal with friends. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman Gabriella Ferraro says 18-year-old Timothy Delano of Naples is...
  19. RiversideBunny

    Dining at Hollywood Studios

    One does not dine at Disney Hollywood Studios. One eats. IMHO :)
  20. RiversideBunny

    Room Assignments at check-in

    Just a comment- We have had our best luck, primarilly at Port Orleans Riverside, by just letting Disney pick the room location. Had some very nice rooms that way. On at least one occassion we sort of shot ourselves in the foot by requesting a change from what they were giving us at...
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