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  1. H20Babie

    Which week would you pick (2024)?

    Would the presidential election, Veterans Day or Jersey week have any impact on the parks?
  2. H20Babie

    Which week would you pick (2024)?

    Mother-daughter trip celebrating milestone birthdays (50 and 75). One of us has GI issues that can be triggered by extreme temperatures. October 26 - November 3 November 2 - 10 November 9 -17 November 16 - 24 Staying on site. TIA!
  3. H20Babie

    AP Refund Watch

    I can confirm this, I called again today and the CM I spoke with confirmed my cheque was mailed "recently, VERY recently". She couldn't give me a date but did say I received two refunds (which previous calls neglected to mention if they had the information): one refund back in July to my...
  4. H20Babie

    AP Refund Watch

    Spoke to a CM today. Apparently, my refund has been processed and a cheque is on it's way (I'm in Canada).
  5. H20Babie

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    Thanks! A little anxious about DHS on March 4 but it is what it is :)
  6. H20Babie

    Magic bands - help please!

    There has been a known glitch with the magic bands for UK and Canadians since at least November. I leave tomorrow and in all that time have not been able to order either my magic bands (for resort stay and passholder). Can't even get a plain coloured one. Apparently, It has to do with the our...
  7. H20Babie

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Standby Line and Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I'm starting to get really anxious/nervous about my upcoming trip. FP+ etc. booked 60 days out before the announcement of MMRT opening March 4 and that is my one and only DHS day. Hoping for the best with RoTR but planning for the worst, as I won't be back to WDW for a few years after this one.
  8. H20Babie

    Why are hotels sold out/super expensive weekend of March 6, 2020???

    I’m staying at CSR Feb 29 to March 5, and the whole resort is sold out for all room categories including the tower. I was honestly wondering the same thing myself.
  9. H20Babie

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    I check-in late on February 29, and check out on March 5. Hoping FP+ will be announced before the new year, or as mentioned, a passholder preview in the couple days before official opening!
  10. H20Babie

    Disney Character Couture

    Has anyone done this? Any reviews? Looking for something different on my next solo trip and I am staying at Coronado Springs. Thanks!
  11. H20Babie

    November 2019

    November 9-16 here :)
  12. H20Babie

    Chase Visa Early 2020 Watch

    The current offers end September 29 so the early 2020 offers should be realeased soon after (also usually on a Tuesday for some reason).
  13. H20Babie

    New Mid-Day Ticket Option

    Too bad these are only for 4 days or less. We are late starters so it would make sense to us but we go for longer than 4 days.
  14. H20Babie

    Planning for an NBA Game

    Thanks! My son is 18, not so much a kid anymore. I'm looking at the NBA resale at club seats.
  15. H20Babie

    Planning for an NBA Game

    The NBA schedule just got released and my son's favorite team (Pacers) is playing the Magic while we are there in November. Is it hard/expensive to get 2 *decent* tickets? How do we get there from Pop, and what would the average travel time be? I've only been to NHL games - how much are the...
  16. H20Babie

    Guide to DLR for WDW Veterans!

    Hi there! I'm thinking about going to DL solo in 2020. Need some tips and recommendations. How many days do you need for both parks and DTD? Best time to go , weather and crowd-wise? Any recommendations for hotels (considering solo female traveler - I've heard some of the walks can be...
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