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  1. figmentisgreat

    Gifts in the room?

    My parents are going tomorrow (without me. :mad:) and I would love to have either mugs from the food court or mickey santa hats in their room or at the front desk with them for check in. I know about Disney Florist, but I don't really want to go that route due to the prices. I just want to pay...
  2. figmentisgreat

    Splash Mountain Referb.

    If this is true, I am very happy to hear it! The lack of a lap bar is my only issue with the ride!
  3. figmentisgreat

    Disney Engagement ring

    Whatever you do, I would NOT get one of the rings that they sell in the stores in Disney (the cheaper ones, about 20-30 dollars). Mine completely fell apart. Actually, I really wouldn't recommend buying any affordable jewelry in Disney. Every single item of jewelry I have bought there has...
  4. figmentisgreat

    Fantasyland expansion a go - CONFIRMED

    You're right - I need to clarify what I mean when I say 'rides.' When I think of rides, in the traditional sense, I think of people wanting a 'thrill.' With the rides in Magic Kingdom, there isn't much variance of motion. I view the rides (again, other than the mountains) as shows that you...
  5. figmentisgreat

    Fantasyland expansion a go - CONFIRMED

    I don't see how someone can go to Magic Kingdom for rides - that's never been something that I've understood. With the exception of the mountains, there really aren't any "thrills," and even those thrills are mild. Additionally , the other rides are very, very kid themed. I think that if you...
  6. figmentisgreat

    Fantasyland expansion a go - CONFIRMED

    Thanks a woman? :zipit:
  7. figmentisgreat

    Fantasyland expansion a go - CONFIRMED

    :eek: omygah I would just die over that (I love Robin even more than Figment! blasphemy, I know) First step would have to be, I don't know, having him back in the park!
  8. figmentisgreat

    Fantasyland expansion a go - CONFIRMED

    Can anyone clarify this? What does it say in the area I circled in red? I was thinking it said "Belle attraction..." does it? And what is the pink castle behind cindy's castle in the concept art?
  9. figmentisgreat

    My WDW Proposal!

    Everytime I read this and look at the pictures I cry. Absolutely beautiful, and congratulations again!
  10. figmentisgreat

    Is this ridiculously cheap or a good idea?

    We bought the 8 packs of doughnuts at the gift shop for 4.79 (the standard price for entenmens) It worked really well for us!
  11. figmentisgreat

    JEDisney is moving to Florida to work for Disney!

    Hi Everyone! My best friend Jonah, known to some older posters on this board as JEDisney just got a job at Disney! He will be moving from New Jersey to Florida one week from today. I'm devastated by this, of course, but I am EXTREMELY happy for him! If you remember him or would like to...
  12. figmentisgreat

    Some sad news - what can we do?

    Thank you everyone for your prayers, and sorry for the delay in my response. Unfortunately, my boyfriend's uncle passed away on Sunday night - we received the call while walking through Liberty Square during EMH. He died peacefully, and lived a long life. We came home on Tuesday morning as...
  13. figmentisgreat

    Some sad news - what can we do?

    My boyfriend and I are leaving for Disney tomorrow. Two days ago, his uncle from California (we're in NJ) had to go to the hospital. He is 80 years old and passed out/had a seziure, etc. and they also found something else wrong with him requiring emergency surgery. He came through the surgery...
  14. figmentisgreat


    OP - sounds like a great story - the plans might very well have been for SM... I'm not criticizing. Try some football lessons or something to improve your tackle :) I want some insider knowledge about SM!!!!! 86 - stop being so incredibly rude. You are ripping apart a person that you don't...
  15. figmentisgreat

    Am I being cheap?

    My standard is around 10-15% at a buffet...if they do something to really, really be helpful and go out of there way for something, then I'll tip more. My cousin is from Australia and came to NJ for 3 weeks over his summer break (our winter, so weird) last year and he could not get his head...
  16. figmentisgreat

    Figmentisgreat's Pre-Trip Report

    4 days left (as of tomorrow morning!) and I graduated today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay <3 <3 <3
  17. figmentisgreat

    Monorail Expansion

  18. figmentisgreat

    Additional hours for last week of may

    Thanks! Are they available on the website? When I checked it out, I didn't see any changes... Thanks!
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