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  1. durhay

    Jungle Cruise boat sinks!

    Imagine this happening in the temple ruins
  2. durhay

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

  3. durhay

    Trip Report Completed: How to Avoid a Rebel Invasion: a dual August trip report

    Following along, as we'll be there Aug 6 - 13.
  4. durhay

    News Upscale Walt Disney World experiences packaged under the new 'Crown Collection by Disney'

    I can't wait to ride around in my chauffeured Rolls Royce mobility scooter. It's twice as wide and long as the common ones and has a chrome plated cow catcher.
  5. durhay

    News Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    Oddly, the monk is awake
  6. durhay

    News Incident at Spaceship Earth today (3/16/19)

    It's supposed to be Jobs, but the Woz AA does the work
  7. durhay

    How is the opening of Galaxy's Edge affecting your plans?

    Earlier this year we booked August 6 - 13 to avoid the madness. Last time we went we missed the opening of Frozen by a week. I'll let you know the next time we plan a trip so you can plan accordingly for whatever is opening that year.
  8. durhay

    Test Track is broken down over 40% of the time

    We made it this far without the Anchorman quote?
  9. durhay

    Trip Report some of the uugghhh!!..

    Followed along!
  10. durhay

    News New security measures

    Maybe making you wait longer is part of the security measures, to see if you become agitated* or act suspiciously :p * not including from heat, crowds, or waiting in lines
  11. durhay

    News Pirates of the Caribbean closing for refurbishment in February for new auction scene

    They could have at least called it a "Fire Sale" and not an auction.
  12. durhay

    What is The Weirdest/Funniest Thing That You've Seen at Disney?

    It's hilarious until it's depressing.
  13. durhay

    random ride/show things that scared you as a kid

    That initial drop once you left the station on the Skyway.
  14. durhay

    Main Street Emporium columns refurbishment

    It's like a vacation version of NIMBY
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