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  1. mpaul32001

    Iger and Executives Touring DTD Today

    I'd be more excited to hang out with Greg Benson!
  2. mpaul32001

    Transportation nightmare at MK (6/16)

    The lack of crowd control was probably beyond Disney's control. If there's lightning in the area, CM's aren't going to be forced out into it for safety reasons.
  3. mpaul32001

    Double-decker back at MK

    Funny part is, this is actually one of the Double Decker's from Epcot. If you ever get a chance ask the driver to see the center of the steering wheel. If it's still there after the refurbishment, you should see a familiar logo!
  4. mpaul32001

    Four 4 a Dollar Returns! Briefly...

    If this is true I can't wait!
  5. mpaul32001

    Anyone livestreaming the fireworks tonight?

    That one above is amazing. Mine will be from behind MK.
  6. mpaul32001

    Cast Member Costume Pics

    Joanna! Now I recognize you! You picked up a Parade Shift a few weeks ago! :wave:
  7. mpaul32001

    Cast Member Costume Pics

    Guests ask me for photos all the time...The costumes are usually intricately done, and that's why the guest wants the photo. Nobody makes a costume like Disney...Not very creepy at all... I do although think it should be a rule to make sure these Cast Members were asked for the photo, rather...
  8. mpaul32001

    Cast Member Costume Pics

    Parade Audience Control:
  9. mpaul32001

    Cast Member Costume Pics

    Here's the Magic Kingdom Coordinator Costume:
  10. mpaul32001

    Christmas Party Parade & Snow today?

    It has been snowing during ELP as well...
  11. mpaul32001

    MK Entertainment rumors

    Seeing as the Fantasyland Gate doesn't exist right now due to construction, I'd say that's out the window. Nice idea though!
  12. mpaul32001

    Sunday over the wall photos

    I do honestly hope this wasn't you going to these lengths for photos though...I would rather have photos taken from the ground, safely, then breaking one of the biggest Disney rules to get them...Doesn't seem safe, or practical...
  13. mpaul32001

    EpcotServo's Updates #2.40- Separate Ways

    You caught Fantasyland Station at the wrong time...They're getting ready to cut up the concrete and place a new platform, so they took the posters off...As bad show as it is, it has to be done. There's no other way for us to get water and keep the trains running without stopping here...:wave:
  14. mpaul32001

    AdvntureLand Patio/Verandah/Bridge Area to Be Demolished???

    The Fairies have to go somewhere don't they? :p
  15. mpaul32001

    1970's Walt Disney World photos.

    Wait, I'm confused? These are from 1976 but they have the 25th Anniversary logo on them?
  16. mpaul32001


    There will be a special Patriot Day Flag Retreat Ceremony featuring the Voices of Liberty, Main Street Philharmonic, and a special Color Guard made up of Walt Disney World Cast Members currently on active duty with the Armed Forces and Reserves.
  17. mpaul32001

    Mad Tea Party to be involved?

    Asked a Fantasyland Imagineer at the Carousel of Projects at the D23 Expo if the Mad Tea Party roof was still happening and he said, "Good Question, but unfortunately not."
  18. mpaul32001

    Tangled the Stageshow to DHS??

    Maybe we'll see if there's any truth to this at the D23 expo. :)
  19. mpaul32001

    More Main St Vehicle Activity?

    All I can say is on most days the 12:00 parade viewing didn't even usually start to fill in until the 5 minute parade announcement. Most people I talked to still thought the parade was at 3:00.
  20. mpaul32001

    More Main St Vehicle Activity?

    Sadly, we only had two trolleys out at a time for our Double Day Parade test. The regular trolley schedule is now back to normal. The Main Street Vehicles also had a bigger window of opportunity during these Double Day Parades because MiSiCi was pushed back to having one show early, and the...
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