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  1. katie1335

    The Little Mermaid: The Ride that almost was

    wat :veryconfu wat ride you ppl talking about i seen the movie but not ride but if there is cool:cool:
  2. katie1335

    Worst Restaurant At WDW

    :( the worst place i went to was the all star they have the worst they make it seem like it taste good bc of the smell:fork:
  3. katie1335

    Boy who died on Disney coaster (RNRC) had genetic heart defect, final autopsy shows

    :dazzle: how sad that boy's family must be heart broken :cry:
  4. katie1335

    Disneyland's Tom Sawyer Island to close (will WDW's follow suit?)

    :( their taking tom sayer and they putting parites of caribian land how sad:(
  5. katie1335


    hey hey ho ho ho :) hi um.... what is this group vmk thing you speak of:veryconfu
  6. katie1335

    Wishes question?

    you ppl are cool but... talk about weird things peace:zipit: :wave: bye ppls
  7. katie1335

    MLB Playoffs Pick-Em!

    oh ang girls i know you love my avatar and boys i know you think shes hot
  8. katie1335

    MLB Playoffs Pick-Em!

    well whatever you ppl are talking about cool i love the yankees they rox my sox yeh yeh yeh
  9. katie1335


    me me me :) hi my name is katie1335 and i would love to join your little groupy thingy but just to let you know that if you put me in somedays i will not be loged on because i have cheerleading comptions but if you do put me in thanks peace:)
  10. katie1335

    Let's Bring It Back... Rate The AVATAR Above You

    i dont like it :eek: its ok but sorry not my type but im sure that other ppl like it have a nice day:)
  11. katie1335

    Disney Theme Park Failures?

    i agree :drevil: i agree with coffeejedi its ture and thats not being rude :rolleyes:
  12. katie1335

    Merchandise at Epcot Norway is bad taste

    thats norway :( it happens alot trust me when i went to norway last year i was like oh what the heck is going on here it was packed of people so we had to wait a long time and we spent an hour in norway we could'nt take it so we went to the next country we got so freaking mad it was not...
  13. katie1335

    how do you get that

    ok thanks oh man:)
  14. katie1335

    MJ's Pixie Dust Gang

    lets go get to work :king: i will dust for you even though it pretty nasty:king:
  15. katie1335

    how do you get that

    thanks thanks so much but i need to know how to get the ones that are pictures of different things and ppl:)
  16. katie1335

    how do you get that

    :veryconfu i wanted to ask some of you ppl how you get your avatars i was trying to change mine but i did'nt now what to do so if you now plz tell me thank you so much:veryconfu
  17. katie1335

    cinderella's room

    no but i would like to now to sorry i dont now a thing about that but thats cool how you came up with that question:cool:
  18. katie1335

    You know you're a Disney fanatic when....

    what thats cool stuff there you ppl talking about:D
  19. katie1335

    Honeymooners - Do you tell them that when you check in?

    here's a tip take it well just greet them then in the middle of the conversation say well we are so exited because we are going on our hoonymoon then your questoin is asked your welcome:wave: and have a nice honnymoon by the way
  20. katie1335

    Matterhorn at WDW!

    if thats true cool if thats true cool but trust me ppl like to say things that they dont mean but thanks for the info anyways :wave:
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