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    Newsworthy Things That Happened During Your Vacation?

    That is a riot. I was there that day too. It was a long time ago, but I remember him riding around in a convertible and waving.
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    Margaritas And Nachos!

    Frozen beer? How on earth did we miss this? I know we had beer in japan more than once on our last trip.
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    Disney 365 days a year?

    Yeah, I could easily go every day if it was possible. If it was just for coffee, a walk around, lunch, dinner or maybe even the night time shows. I cant imagine getting tired of it. Recently I stumbled across a site for Disney Golden Oak which is a community for resort like living at it's...
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    Do you know someone who didn't enjoy their disney trip??

    I am with you. It is not that my hubby has not enjoyed our 3 trips to some extent, but he is also is not exactly missing Disney or looking forward to our next trip. If I could, I would go again next week. I am sure I could get him to go again in 2-3 years, if not, I would be on my own with...
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    Meltdown !!!

    Either you are very lucky, capable of being oblivious like my hubby, or have not been to WDW that often. I have actually seen many melt downs, but the one I posed above was my most recent and memorable from this trip, but I have seen many others. Some are sort of funny and others kind of scary :(.
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    A bit disapponted with Via Napoli.

    Indeed. We do not eat the tourist "Chicago Pan Pizza" and know plenty of good places to get pizza. I agree that it did not have any flavor. I admit to liking a bit of burn at the edges, but this thing was burnt on the bottom all around. I also almost did not post this fearing that I would...
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    Please Vote POFQ VS CSR

    I have not stayed at CSR, but I would always choose POFQ. I know I have tooted this resort at every chance I get, but honestly it is the only resort that I have stayed at more than once, 4 times to be exact, so it is sort of my home resort. We just got back from here a week ago and it was my...
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    A bit disapponted with Via Napoli.

    Maybe I am spoiled living in Chicago since I can get wood fire oven or just about any kind of pizza here, but I just did not think the pizza at Via Napoli was very good. The crust was all burnt, and the large pepperoni pizza we ordered had hardly any cheese or pepperoni. I know in Italy pizza...
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    Meltdown !!!

    I saw a major meltdown last week at the MK. We were at Pinocchio's Village Haus for lunch and at the table next to us, I heard a little bit of a disagreement between a mom/dad/3 kids and suddenly I saw the mom start to cry and she left the restaurant rather dramatically and sat at the tables...
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    Confessions Time !

    Here is my wacky confession. I have a serious sweet tooth in general, but the last 2 times I have gone have been in August and it is just too hot to eat much of anything. The only desert I had on my trip last week was a dole whip and when I was finished I thought I was going to be sick. I...
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    Is there any rides you've never been on and never want to go on?

    Astro Orbiter. I have never been and never will go on it.
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    The Roller Coaster Chicken has a question

    I said that I would post back after my trip, and we all chickened out. :( We did go on the other 3 mountains though. :)
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    Refrigerators being temporarily removed from all rooms

    We got very lucky with a fridge at POFQ last week. After we checked in, we loaded our stuff from our cooler to the fridge. Maybe 5 minutes later someone knocked on our door telling us that he would be taking the fridge. We told him that we just loaded it, and he said no problem and he would...
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    How many days for you - part 8

    2 days to go. :joyfull:
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    The Roller Coaster Chicken has a question

    I also kept hearing that it is just like a bigger version of BTM, and I really wish that was the case, but it does not sound like it is. I am happy that I am getting honest responses. I would hate for my day at the AK to be ruined.
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    The Roller Coaster Chicken has a question

    I saw The Hulk several years ago when we went to IOA. Even if someone offered me $100,000 to ride, I would say "no thanks". :depressed:
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    The Roller Coaster Chicken has a question

    That is exactly it, the drops. They don't make me sick, but I just don't like that feeling. I went on ToT once when it only had the 1 drop, and I will never go again. I have a feeling I will not be going on Everest.
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    How many days for you - part 8

    3 :D
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    The Roller Coaster Chicken has a question

    I know I will never go on that one. :eek:
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    The Roller Coaster Chicken has a question

    No, I am not worried about being sick, just being scared and even more importantly, I don't want my kids to be afraid.
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