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    Disney Survey - Not a fan of people on "vacation" forums...

    Sorry! Just that tiered nastiness coming our way for profit and crowd control. There's no way TDO would ever ask us minions about park stuff, they're too busy working on how to squeeze more money out of guests so their bonus checks can be even higher than last year. Cutting Corners 101.
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    Disney Survey - Not a fan of people on "vacation" forums...

    A variety of scenarios regarding different prices on single and multi day tickets and also questions regarding visiting during weekdays vs weekends. Calander was divided up to show value, regular and peak times. All questions were based on when I visited last year.
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    Disney Survey - Not a fan of people on "vacation" forums...

    Ok I'm doing the survey. It's geared towards dynamic ticket pricing, imagine that!
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    Broadway-Style "Frozen" Show Coming to DCA - Any impact on WDW?

    Why not replace Aladdin with Mary Poppins? I am of the mindset- "anything BUT Frozen". Of course, I do find it to be ironic that while Disney announced this for DCA, a small fire broke out in the Norway area being constructed for Frozen over in the East at Epcot. Or maybe it was karma? Most...
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    A Spirited Perfect Ten

    I was out West 3 weeks ago. Prior to my trip, I received a survey about Disneyland, specifically hotels and amenities, and Fast Pass was discussed. Thought you'd enjoy the "definitions" presented at the beginning of the survey. Hoping my pics show up.
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    Removal of Main Street Christmas Wreaths Due to New Parade

    Ummmm. I do agree with others- scale and proportion are needed. Retractable garland.. I.can't. I don't mind the change, but I feel underwhelmed at this point.
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    Would Disney spin off Disneyland?

    Never say never. P&R is a small part of TWDC. I could see both domestic parks getting spun off for someone else to run, ie the setup international parks have. Don't think it'll happen for several years, maybe after WDW 50th Ann.
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    25 Years Later I Finally Return! Advice To Make It Magical!

    Congrats! My family and I went West last June and I had a blast! My first trip to any Disney park was DL in 1981, I was 13. Fast forward to present day.. Let's just say we are headed back west, and only wish the plane ride wasn't so long. We flew into SNA and just grabbed a taxi (I loathe...
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    Olaf meet 'n greet at MVMCP

    My crazy idea... Courtesy thinking like greedy TDO... Olaf at MVMCP= upcharge event within an upcharge event. Can you imagine how quickly all those dessert parties would sell out? $99 each?
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    New Be Our Guest lunch line procedure (Test?)

    Maybe this is why CMs are still saying it's invitation only? We never got an invite and we're staying on property. I literally pulled a time up on my phone Wed morning and we checked in a few minutes later after I completed the time selection. Yet the standby line was full and many folks had...
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    'Villains Unleashed' hard ticketed event coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios in August

    It was a guest. We saw him outside of Disney Jr, he was very convincing even more so in person.
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    The Spirited Seventh Heaven ...

    Looks like the face of the WS is slowly changing. Gee, I wonder what upcharge within an upcharge event is headed to WS?
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    'Villains Unleashed' hard ticketed event coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios in August

    We didn't have high expectations for this event. We figured there would be long lines and craziness. We walked by several rare characters but didn't get in the lines, we did see roaming characters and the few characters we did get pics with didn't take long. We did ride a few rides as most were...
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    'Villains Unleashed' hard ticketed event coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios in August

    Was there.. Got to DHS around 7ish. We walked around a bit, headed back towards Sunset Blvd and RnRC and ToT were walkon. Headed to TSM and walked on. Spent some time on SOA and near SW area looking at roaming characters. Then we headed into the Galaxy dance party and met Starlord and Gamora...
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    What Was Your Upgrade?

    I doubt we will ever be upgraded again. We never ask for it and trust me, we felt like we hit the lottery as we got a suite and wasn't charged additional. Hopefully one day you'll be at the right place at the right time and some magic will come your way.
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    What Was Your Upgrade?

    We are a family of 4, kids at the time were 13 and 10 when we got upgraded to the VP suite at BWI. We had the king bedroom and our kids took the 2 queen bedroom. They were connected by a huge living and dining area, great views of crescent lake. And we didn't have to walk too far to get to the...
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    What Was Your Upgrade?

    We were upgraded last year at BWI. We had a room booked and when we went to checkin we noticed a lot of CMs gathering around.. We were upgraded to the VP suite! It was like an apartment! I wanted to move in, lol!
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    New Return Procedure at Soarin'

    I see this a bit differently. FP+ is not going anywhere. But what if FP+ is made a paid upcharged option? I still think TDO is struggling with how squeeze money out of FP system. This could be it. With virtual queuing you get a "free" FP return time, and hopefully everyone will still spend...
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    The Spirited 8th Wonder (WDW's Future & You!)

    That Iger stat regarding margins is just sickening. What a quick cheap way to prop that stat up for the great CEO, room to DVC conversion. Has to be... Wait for it... Revolutionary CEO forward thinking.
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    The Spirited 8th Wonder (WDW's Future & You!)

    Correct- my apologies, I didn't mean to imply there was a shared budget. However, when TDO puts so much time, energy and re-investment into expanding the resorts and DVC, it can hamper the Board's desire to go ahead and green light a capex project inside the Parks. The management is chasing...
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