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  1. BiggerTigger

    Banned from the Shops at Walt Disney World.... by my Wife.

    My work now doesn't quite relate to the parks (much), but I did use to work for the Mouse and can't seem to turn that off with the two finger point, directions, picking up trash, and offering to take pictures for families. My family just continues on until I'm done and catch up with them.
  2. BiggerTigger

    Words of Wisdom Where Free Likes Abound with No Effort

    Raining cats and dogs
  3. BiggerTigger

    Weird Disney dreams.

    As we are looking for a new place to live with a little more property then we currently have, I dreamt that we decided to building Tom Sawyer Island with the Rivers of America. It was a complete duplication of the Attraction we built. Turned out really good. Now if we can sell this house, buy...
  4. BiggerTigger

    working out for Disney

    My gym plans have been way off, everytime I make plans to head out to the gym something else takes priority. I was going to go last night but I came down with a stomach bug. Time before that I was running late and never made it. Hopefully things get back on track, but not this weekend as I...
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