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  1. _Scar

    AVATAR land coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Inflation. Inflation. Inflation.
  2. _Scar

    Casey Jr. Being "Reassessed"

    Really? 3 adults couldn't think of that solution on their own?! Anyways, glad it's being fixed.
  3. _Scar

    President Barack Obama to visit the Contemporary Resort this week

    Ugh, I'd kill to be there when he was at the resort. I don't care that it takes more time to get where I need to go. It's simply amazing to have arguably one of the most important people in the world in proximity. :)
  4. _Scar

    Two coasts: One very different world

    WDW gets too much attendance, and the people running it feel people will still come to a stale park (and we all still do). It's an endless cycle that can only be changed by getting more people in power positions. However, is it that big of a deal? Nope. It's still in the same "world".
  5. _Scar

    New Disney park on the moon?

    That is the universe's way of poking fun at the failure of John Carter.
  6. _Scar


    I think Angelina Jolie will rock this role. No offense, but she alone can be very intimidating- like Maleficent. I just hope the visuals don't come before story like it did for Alice in Wonderland.
  7. _Scar

    Be Our Guest Rumour.......

    I hope you are right because my vacation starts Aug 5th. I assume if it were to be open, you could make reservations the morning of for Dinner? Also, is there a menu yet?
  8. _Scar

    SpectroMagic being prepped for return..

    Will it come back refurbed?
  9. _Scar

    Alligator Roams MK Parking Lot

    They scare me quite a lot. Such pests and they're so abundant in Florida... :(
  10. _Scar

    Steve Davison hints at 2 new projects

    If it is any 1 of the following I'd be so happy. 1.) Fantasmic OVERHAUL (new, unqiue F! unlike any around the world) or World of Color makeover for DHS 2.) AK nighttime show. Maybe F! moved here (could work!) or World of Color? 3.) New daytime parade for MK- standard parade. NO WEIRD...
  11. _Scar

    "Build-a-Droid" coming to DHS

    Must have. I also go into Disney stores during my WDW stay looking for something original. This is right up my alley! Maybe each trip I can get a new droid, and that droid will forever represent that trip (I'm sentimental, hehe). Big thumbs up!
  12. _Scar

    Screamscape - Monorail Expansion Rumor

    With gas prices, is it really more expensive than running bus transportation? :shrug:
  13. _Scar

    Massive Beehive in Main Street Tree

    So many puns, idk where to beegin!
  14. _Scar

    Say.... What if Avatarland got cancelled?

    I think Avatarland fits, but it's definitely a stretch. This is coming from a DAK fanboy who gives Disney benefit of the doubt more times than he'd like to admit >.>
  15. _Scar

    Say.... What if Avatarland got cancelled?

    Derpy Hooves won me over. Call me a brony.
  16. _Scar

    What do you think will be next for MK after FLE?

    Good question, but nobody really knows. There's been rumors about Adventureland, Frontierland, and Tomorrowland. More of the the last 2, but anything is possible. Keep an eye on Shanghai's attractions since WDI loves reusing designs.... I'm guessing something from SDL must be coming to a US park.
  17. _Scar

    Single Rider Experimentation at Toy Story Mania

    I know DHS used to have a single-rider line, and it was extremely uncomfortable to have to sit next to a single-rider for TSMM for some reason. There seems to be a lot of awkward moments of silence (especially towards the end). Plus your party is usually out of your field of vision, making the...
  18. _Scar

    Obama visit, Hollywood Studios Fireworks, and EMH Changes

    President at Disney, good publicity. Wish I was there!
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