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  1. MousDad

    It's over: Give a day...

    Two words: noble and shrewd. Noble: TWDC offering an incentive to spark volunteerism. Shrewd: 1 million more people spent money in the parks then otherwise would have. Frankly, I don't know why they wouldn't want to extend it. :shrug:
  2. MousDad

    Fresh FLE News for March 2010

    Might make us happy, but will it address JL's original concern of having guests with the smallest children waiting in the longest lines for the shortest attractions?
  3. MousDad

    Fresh FLE News for March 2010

    Meet and Greets - love 'em or hate 'em, there is one indisputable fact about them: Absolute time vacuums. A touring planner's worst nightmare. They'll suck more hours out of your day than anything in the parks. Makes me shudder. So one positive that will come from FLE is the massive...
  4. MousDad

    Disney Night Kingdom

    ^ Excellent points, and ones that make me really wonder if we're ever going to see anything built on that prime land over in National Harbor. It be a shame for the developer to have to take down all those "Welcome Disney!" murals.
  5. MousDad

    Fresh FLE News for March 2010

    If this is true, then Lutz is a lot smarter than we give him credit for, because he was talking about Mermaid at DCA a whole lotta months before DLPMagic's gift to the world. Personally, I don't believe it.
  6. MousDad

    The new extended Fantasyland Vs Harry potter land??

    When I ran some numbers for June a while back, it was about that way, maybe give or take 100. Note: that's an off-property partner hotel, like the Doubletree resort. The actual Uni-resorts would compare with a Deluxe in price, but again you'd be getting 2 sets of tickets for pretty much the...
  7. MousDad

    The new extended Fantasyland Vs Harry potter land??

    Per anyone's taste, it may or may not be a waste of time. But it most definitely does not have to be a waste of money. Why? because this summer you can stay in a Uni-partner resort, Flexpass tickets for 4, + Potter extras, for the same price of a Disney Mod room-only ressie. Meaning, you...
  8. MousDad

    Monorail beam cleaning in Epcot - looks fantastic

    2.7 billion in earnings for Q1 is plenty of positive reinforcement.
  9. MousDad

    The new extended Fantasyland Vs Harry potter land??

    From early previews, it looks like theming will be about a tie, but I wouldn't be surprised to see FLE ultimately win in this regard. But based on what people in-the-know are saying about the signature attraction, and the broader demographic, I'm giving the slight edge to Harry.
  10. MousDad

    Ridemakerz (Virgin store - 1st floor)

    I have a couple observations about this statement that might explain why there is always a knee-jerk reaction whenever a new store or kiosk is announced: - Does TWDC really feel that way about DTD? - If they do, is it marketed that way? - And whether or not it's true, you have to admit...
  11. MousDad

    No D23 Expo This Year?

    Never saw this coming.
  12. MousDad

    Princess and the frog a failure?

    Whoa, whoa, whoa - where did you see this? :veryconfu
  13. MousDad

    AMC ETX (IMAX) now open

    So Cane, besides designing and building projection systems, what do you do in your spare time? :lol:
  14. MousDad

    Princess and the frog a failure?

    You're right, Pixar can compete with Fox and Dreamworks, not WDFA.
  15. MousDad

    Downtown Disney Water Show?

    Could a Bellagio-type show be feasible in that spot?
  16. MousDad

    Splash Mountain still on schedule?

    Wait, wait, wait - you rode Orange??! Aw crap, you've got one on me now. There goes my ability to mercilessly mock you.
  17. MousDad

    Disney Parks Castles Being Removed From Property Entrance Arches

    Except for the Lego Store, of course. :ROFLOL:
  18. MousDad

    Princess and the frog a failure?

    Interested in a friendly, wdwmagic-related wager? :wave:
  19. MousDad

    Fort Wilderness trees gone!

    That guys looking awfully chipper, considering that all that's left of his partner are those empty pants lying on the ground.
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