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  1. imamouse

    Lights of Winter not being displayed this year (2009)!?!

    Adding my voice to the disgust at retiring Lights of Winter - especially with such a flimsy excuse. Bleh! My group booked BW this year to be within walking distance of our favorite park - Epcot. Now we'll be walking into GS to make sure our displeasure is noted. We're also writing and mailing...
  2. imamouse

    Booking through Disney

    All good points. Allow me to add that since discovering KK a few years ago, I've used them exclusively and have been wowed by the savings and service they deliver. I especially appreciate that I can send one email and they take it from there. Ease of doing business scores big points with me!
  3. imamouse

    October 2009 Role Call!!!

    ^^Enjoy the Poly. I think it's the best deluxe as far as transportation - on the monorail and you can easily walk to TTC. Plus, it's beautiful.
  4. imamouse

    October 2009 Role Call!!!

    Hi Buzz - Sorry, but we're not going to make it during Oct this year. Going in Sept for free dining (taking my parents - step-dad's 1st trip to WDW!) and then going with friends and family Dec 10-23 for a loonnggg holiday visit. Have tons of fun and take lots of pics. Maybe next year....
  5. imamouse

    Stitch's Supersonic Celebration set to close

    I can't remember where I read it, but the word "Stitchmas" was mentioned recently. Please let it be a cruel joke/rumor!
  6. imamouse

    Stitch's Supersonic Celebration set to close

    Closing June 27 It's official - last day for SSSC is June 27:
  7. imamouse

    The Campaign for Disney's America in Williamsburg, Virginia

    Doesn't it snow at the Paris and Tokoyo parks? Aren't they open year round?
  8. imamouse

    Am I being cheap?

    Correct - but isn't a "service charge" added to checks in Asian countries? I know it is in Singapore.
  9. imamouse

    Disney+Foot Problems=What Shoes?

    I don't have foot issues, but I have a "bum" knee (torn cartilage & surgery to repair), plus I used to have a problem with blisters only at WDW. I have solved my issues with the following: Go to a store with experienced sales personnel and have your foot evaluated. Be sure to tell them that...
  10. imamouse

    Online ADR booking

  11. imamouse

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 6)

    This is my favorite building to stay in at Pop. It's close to the food court and the bus stops (if you go out the back) - plus no pool. Great nighttime photo!
  12. imamouse

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 6)

    I love this shot - it really captures the moment!
  13. imamouse

    The Pirates League - a new Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique- type experience

    Let's hear it for the boys! As the mother of 2 sons, I am delighted that Disney has finally come up with a way to engage boys in fantasy roll playing. On one hand, I'm sorry my sons are way too old for this now. On the other hand, a peek at the prices made my momentary regret fly out the window.
  14. imamouse

    Funny yet Gross Disney Moment

    I saw a pair of gorillas putting the "wild" in Wild Kingdom on the Patagonia Forest Exploration Trail at DAK. Parents were covering kids eyes and rushing them past.
  15. imamouse

    DHS 20th anniversary official events revealed

    My S20 packet from WDWCelebrations just arrived. Woot!
  16. imamouse

    DHS 20th anniversary official events revealed

    Whatever the hours - I'm looking forward to Studio20!
  17. imamouse

    Lame excuse for nightlife?

    Even the children look bored.
  18. imamouse

    Bring home snacks from Disney

    My husband and our oldest son are educators, so I sometimes go to WDW with friends due to their restrictive schedules. On the way home, I stop in at the Earport shop at MCO and bring them white chocolate-covered Mickey pretzels and sour Goofy candy. Sometimes rice krispie treats jump into the...
  19. imamouse

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 6)

    Best castle photo ever! Bravo, Don!!!
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