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  1. LoriMistress

    Discussion Topics You'll NEVER See On The Forums

    One that I've seen a few times on here, but ends up getting deleted because comments that start to get heated would be seeing Obese People (Pooh Size) in the Parks. It mainly focuses on the scooters that they ride.
  2. LoriMistress

    Do you Gain or Lose Weight When You Visit WDW?

    I always lose weight when I visit a Disney Parks. I normally lose an average 10-15lbs. The main reason is because of all the walking. I gain it all back within 1-2 weeks though. And that makes me a sad panda.
  3. LoriMistress

    As the clock ticks down...

    Our trip to WDW won't be until Nov or Dec next year. But this time I'll be bringing my mom (she's a first timer). The last day is always a killer. We normally do last minute packing and do last minute errands. Our last day/evening before our trip we normally watch a WDW travel DVD or watch...
  4. LoriMistress

    I would rather be in a Disney Park now.

    I would rather be in a Disney Park now.
  5. LoriMistress

    First 10-day Trip

    Went to WDW last in '07 (I know, several years ago), 11 days/11 nights. The trip was amazing! We took our time and went back to the resort for late morning/early afternoon breaks. We would get at least an hour nap, which helped greatly. We would arrive the parks before opening, grab FPs...
  6. LoriMistress

    2012 Planning DVD Came Today!!!

    Thank you for reminding me. Just ordered mine now. :xmas:
  7. LoriMistress

    TDO light maintenance becoming a joke!

    MFW reading this thread.
  8. LoriMistress

    DLR Picture of the Day

    Loving these pictures! I'll be in the parks on a week from today! I'll try to post on here while I'm there, but I can't make any promises.
  9. LoriMistress

    World of Color

    Does anyone knows how long the WoC POTC will be showing?
  10. LoriMistress

    Winter/Spring 2011 Refurbishments

    Sweet! I'm planning on going to DLR/DCA in September (most likely the day after Labor Day).
  11. LoriMistress

    Which ride did you ride for the first time and get the most scared?

    The first ride I remember being scared on was HM. Even when I was a bit older (7-10). Something about that ride just got to me. But I looooovvvveeee this ride to this day.
  12. LoriMistress

    What are some of the ways you save for your Disney trip

    I do all the planning when it comes to vacations. Start off by purchasing at least one $25-50 Disney gift card a month. You can purchase them at your local grocery store. I also go through a a discount park tickets website to purchase our tickets. I go through AAA when it comes to our rooms...
  13. LoriMistress

    Favorite Things about DisneyWorld that have Nothing to do with Rides or Food

    Besides the Attractions and Food: Walking down MS:USA and seeing Cinderella's Castle. Walking through each park, and just being smothered in my surroundings. Seeing the WDW sign as you enter Disney Property. Listening to the park music. Being in the parks before opening. I love waiting...
  14. LoriMistress

    Steven SpielbAnyone know if he was there?erg

    Maybe he doesn't like water rides.
  15. LoriMistress

    Pop Warner problems...again!

    I'm so sorry what happened. This is why I avoid going to the parks during Pop Warner. We prefer to stay at a Value resort, and we just stay at Pop. We've stayed at ASMu before, but not during Pop Warner. I would complain to a manager, because it's only a matter of time before they stop...
  16. LoriMistress

    Holiday Decorations At You Home.

    I have the same Mickey & Minnie Bride and Groom as well. I purchased them at Macy's for around $10 each. They were on clearance. I have some Disney Christmas decorations. I have to do some quickly cleaning and then I'll post pics.
  17. LoriMistress

    Recent trip left me a little disappointed...

    Agree with everything you wrote. That's my major gripe with DL as well--CM's who phone it in. I get it, it's a job--DL is a local park. When the park hits capacity, it sucks. Working overtime, and dealing with stupid guests on a daily basis would put me in a sour mood. But it just sucks...
  18. LoriMistress

    Test Track VS World of Motion

    I never had a chance to ride WoM, though I've seen videos of the ride from YouTube. But unfortunately, I would vote for TT. It's not the greatest ride in Epcot. My favorite is M:S.
  19. LoriMistress

    What's your favorite Magic Kingdom mountain?

    MK Mountains: 1. SpM 2. BTMRR 3. SM DLR Mountains: 1. SM 2. Matterhorn 3. SpM 4. BTMRR
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