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  1. maryszhi

    Room Charge Details

    No they are all linked together.
  2. maryszhi

    My 25th Birthday, eat-not-so-much TR

    i think i know what urgent care you went to .... i had the same situation when i went in January '12.. atleast they diagnosed one of use right :)
  3. maryszhi

    Getting to Atlantis from Nassau

    i would do it through disney because that way you know that there is going to be the shuttle waiting for you and that you dont have to worry about coming back late. If you are comfortable navigating yourself, take a cab my make sure you negotiate the price before hand. it should run you 15-20...
  4. maryszhi

    Man V Disney!

    also who can forget the kitchen sink, however, i am never going to do it alone. I don't want to get sick at disney :)
  5. maryszhi

    Man V Disney!

    Eat a medium pizza at via napoli :)
  6. maryszhi

    That Pineapple Cocktail!

    me too! ever since i turned 21 :) i wish they sold the mix to bring home :(
  7. maryszhi

    Best ITALIAN Restaurant in Disney

    hands down via napoli. the pizza makes me smile :)
  8. maryszhi

    That Pineapple Cocktail!

    I love the Lapu Lapu :) but like others stated there are quite a few drinks at epcot with pineapple can u provide a description of what it looked like?
  9. maryszhi

    Misunderstanding of things as a child.

    mine has to be when i was at disney two weeks ago i convinced my friend to go on dinosaur. the look of horror she had in the ride photo speaks volumes. I tried to warn her but she thought i was kidding.... also when i was little i really thought that if you misbehaved at disney you were put into...
  10. maryszhi

    Oh No ! The Magic Is Out.!

    awww im sry :( i must try one when i am there in your honor :)
  11. maryszhi

    Weather Gods please follow the current estimates March 5/6/7...

    i know right. My friends and i are coming down for spring break spliting time between the world and sarasota and i just want it to be warm enough to have at least one decent park day and beach day.
  12. maryszhi

    How do you get to Chef Mickeys from Pop?

    the best way is to take a bus to any of the parks and then transfer to a monorail or bus to the contemporary. If it is very early in the morning, they do offer special transport, but your reservation must be really early and you must contact the front desk. If worst comes to worst, you can...
  13. maryszhi

    Oh No ! The Magic Is Out.!

    i am sorry :( i am still trying to figure out where to get a oreo bon bon cupcake because I am going to disney world and sarasota for a few days next week and the boardwalk bakery is being refurbished :( I think maybe this should be your new quest, find out something new, fresh, and exciting...
  14. maryszhi

    March 2013 Roll Call!!!!

    pop century 2-7 :)
  15. maryszhi

    Best Breakfast

    i love the grand cafe at the grand floridian. Its sit down and its rarely crowded and no characters. Ohana is character but sit down family style. Those are my top two in that regard. Whispering canyons is also really good :)
  16. maryszhi

    Tiana's Place Restaurant

    i agree they should put one at disneyland in new orleans square and one at port orleans french quarter. I think it would be amazing and let me tell you i love new orleans cuisine,especially creole and cajun :)
  17. maryszhi

    Good Luck: real mad hatter

    ummm where is my invitation lol??!?! anyways good luck and there is no doubt in my mind that it was a success. You rock madhatter :)
  18. maryszhi

    A New Gathering....

    me too! they have some of the best beaches in florida :) and take photos i love seeing them and video on youtube of their parade :) also :Happy Mardi Gras Day! laissez les bons temps rouler :) ( Let the good times roll)
  19. maryszhi

    A New Gathering....

    hey guys sorry for the lack of posts. school has been a pain and i just got back from new orleans for the mardi gras :) I have beads and king cake to share. Also i am super excited I am going to disney world and long boat key for spring break :)
  20. maryszhi

    Disney Themed Wedding

    wow i think that is adorable!
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