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  1. jonnyc

    New name, new (terrible) logos

    The IOA logo was a swing and a miss - I don't mind the Universal and Volcano Bay ones. Looking forward to the retro merch with the old logos in about 10 years...
  2. jonnyc

    The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man vs The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

    Love them both, but TOT wins it for me.
  3. jonnyc

    Which Warner bros IP would you most excited to see at a universal park?

    Because they can't expand on what is already there and can't introduce other Marvel properties to USF and Epic Universe. I'd prefer a more immersive version of Gotham akin to Hogsmede/Diagon Alley, rather than the comic book theme they have for Marvel Super Hero Island now. Granted, I...
  4. jonnyc

    Which Warner bros IP would you most excited to see at a universal park?

    After seeing what they've done with HP, the thought of Universal ever getting hold of the theme park rights to DC is the most exciting prospect for me. Replace Marvel Super Hero Island with Metropolis, add Gotham to USF and then maybe Atlantis or Themyscira in Epic Universe?
  5. jonnyc

    Any Status on the Escape Rooms?

    Will be interesting to see how these escape rooms are structured/capacity - Will they be like your standard escape rooms where you have your private group of 2-6 - in which case have they duplicated the rooms to allow max capacity or will it be more like a cruise ship escape room where you...
  6. jonnyc

    Endless Summer v Cabana Bay

    I'm currently planning a trip for next year during HHN. I've historically stopped at WDW for the whole trip (day tripping to USF) and then the last couple of trips I've done split WDW/Universal stays. WDW has lost a bit of the shine for me so I am planning to stop the full trip at USF with a...
  7. jonnyc

    Halloween Horror Nights 2022 (Sep 2 - Oct 31)

    Just got back from my first ever HHN - did what one could consider a 'normal' HHN and then did the first post-Ian HHN - between them managed to do every house. Lost two nights at HHN due to Ian unfortunately but still had a great time. Have to give it to all the scare actors and staff involved...
  8. jonnyc

    Animal Kingdom closing at 7pm

    I believe pre-pandemic they did do some after hours events in AK that were separately ticketed - so maybe they return next year? It is a shame though, I remember doing evening EMH's at AK pre-Pandora and even then the park looked amazing at night.
  9. jonnyc

    Halloween Horror Nights 2022 (Sep 2 - Oct 31)

    16:00 in shows what they had last year - looks like a cool extra experience!
  10. jonnyc

    Vloggers you like

    I'm a big fan of Theme Park Stop - although their content is more USF focused at the moment (especially with the ongoing construction of Epic Universe).
  11. jonnyc

    Magic bands or Magic bands +

    I'm a big fan of the convenience of a Magic Band, but the need to regularly charge the Magic Band Plus makes it not worth it for myself - I'll be sticking to the original (until when/if they phase them out!).
  12. jonnyc

    Needing some restaurant opinions/help

    I recently booked all my ADRs for the upcoming trip and there wasn't much availability for Space220, however I did manage to get into the lounge - from doing some research online it seems you get pretty much the same view of "space" and you can actually choose from the main set menu or the...
  13. jonnyc

    Halloween Horror Nights 2022 (Sep 2 - Oct 31)

    I've purchased a Frequent Fear Pass without Express - will I be able to upgrade my pass when i'm at USF to include Express?
  14. jonnyc

    How different is a winter vacation?

    When people say it can be cold in January - this is not a lie. As a Brit, I thought this was a great exaggeration - it's Florida how can it ever be actually cold!? More fool me, stood in a 70 minute line for Slinky Dog Dash in a pair of shorts when it was 2 degrees Celsius. I even found...
  15. jonnyc

    Halloween Horror Nights 2022 (Sep 2 - Oct 31)

    HHNightmares advised on Twitter that the following are the music videos worth familiarizing yourself with for The Weeknd's house: "After Hours" "In Your Eyes" "Heartless" "Blinding Lights" "Save Your Tears" (Solo Version) "Too Late"
  16. jonnyc

    Halloween Horror Nights 2022 (Sep 2 - Oct 31)

    Any news on Frequent Fear Passes?
  17. jonnyc

    I fell asleep in.....................(name attraction)

    I almost fell asleep on Living with the Land - it is such a relaxing attraction combined with the gentle rocking of the boat...
  18. jonnyc

    Potential Solo Visit to WDW - Oct 2022

    I also did my first full solo trip in January this year - did 10 nights at Pop and 4 at Universal. Absolutely loved it - you can do whatever you choose to do - want to rope drop and hit rides non-stop all day you can, want to cancel your plans and have a relaxing day at the pool before jumping...
  19. jonnyc

    MNSSHP day strategy

    We're planning to rope drop DHS, have lunch at Sci-Fi at 1pm, head back to AKL for some time at the pool and then head to MK for MNSSHP about 5pm-ish.
  20. jonnyc

    Guardians of the galaxy

    Do we think they'll switch this ride to a stand-by queue at some point? I'm visiting in September, landing about 3:30pm in the afternoon, should get to Epcot for 7pm. Was hoping it would have switched to stand-by, so I could just jump in line. That being said: If I have a park reservation...
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