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  1. FrostyNaples

    One Time Use Points - Cancel & Re book Question

    Curious if anyone has gone through this process. As I understand, one time user points cannot be banked. I'm looking to cancel my existing reservation, and re book another, and I will have a surplus of points after the re booking. Since a CM has to handle the transaction anyways, during the...
  2. FrostyNaples

    How paid parking affects DVC members

    How are they doing this, that is my point... With online check in - you never hit the front desk. Who is asking who if they have parked a car, and when how is it asked. And only 3-4% of guests staying at a DVC resort paid cash? I'm not a gambling man, but I'd wager this is not fact.
  3. FrostyNaples

    How paid parking affects DVC members

    Well that doesn't explain anything. The gate attendant took my ID, looked at it, waived me in. They have no idea without referencing a reservation how I paid, points, cash or pixie dust... I'd like to know what they are actually doing via someone who has experienced it. To us, felt like...
  4. FrostyNaples

    This is how bad the price increases are

    If your attending Disney on the regular, and plan to into the foreseeable future, there is no counter? If your not buying DVC now, your costs continue to go up annually if you continue to visit. The only counter I can see, is ending your Disney experience all together?
  5. FrostyNaples

    This is how bad the price increases are

    I can't see a better debate on why you wouldnt buy into DVC. This photo is like DVC marketing material to a T. Now imagine these increase over 5yrs, 10yrs, 15yrs, more! The price of accommodations isnts going in reverse. And if you plan or want to plan on attending Disney on the regular, DVC...
  6. FrostyNaples

    How paid parking affects DVC members

    We went early April SSR on points. No parking fee, however, we were not asked at any point, gate or otherwise about overnight parking. So I'm not sure how they are even implementing this program. We had no parking pass, and as far as I'm aware no plate info has been put on file with Disney...
  7. FrostyNaples

    MNSSHP on 10/31 - Insane??

    Sold out party nights are like a 6-7 out of 10 on the crowd calendar. And most ppl are in line for photos with special characters. Does not even come close in comparison to say normal business hours during christmas / new years when parks closures occur due to guest size capacity. MNSSHP is a...
  8. FrostyNaples

    AK Tour - A Path Less Traveled

    Does anyone have insight on how this tour is scheduled throughout the day? The booking agent didn't really have any info other than meet a 10:30AM, and events are staggered. I'm curious what the itinerary times are, and how they are staggered, and which Rivers of Light show you see, the 1st or...
  9. FrostyNaples

    So after calculations, the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan is cheaper

    For this exact reason is why DDP is actually popular. It's a thoughtless pre-paid meal plan. You just pick when to use it. Value can be extrapolated just based on convenience, and not necessarily being cheaper or more expensive VS out of pocket. Disney gets this, they ALWAYS come out on...
  10. FrostyNaples

    Advice for renting DVC

    Having rented a dozen times, go for the DVC rental. Get your dining if needed, easy request. Get your travel/trip insurance if you want peace of mind, or use a broker who for a nominal fee, will add cancellation option to your rental. Those are literally the only "control" issues, since...
  11. FrostyNaples

    New minimum of 75 points for Membership Benefits as of 2/25

    Lucky not only did we add the 25 through DVD just before the nominal per point increase, but this as well! I was on a waiting list for BLT add-on from Oct 2017 through early January. Was beginning to think I would miss out on the double points, as my UY is Feb, so we were hoping to bank the 25...
  12. FrostyNaples

    MNSHP - Why no Hershey candy?

    Just curious, clearly MARS got the contract, but is this always the case? Or is there a more specific reason for no Hershey candy at this event?
  13. FrostyNaples

    Can we talk about comfortable shoes?

    Love me some Sketchers w/ memory foam - I switch off between two pairs of the same model, just different colors. Perfect sneaker for full park days.
  14. FrostyNaples

    Renting points

    Over the past few years we've used David's exclusively for half a dozen or so vactions. After watching even their pricing increase (though still the best value vs Disney direct) we've decided to become DVC members and nip our lifetime spending on resorts especially due to our frequency of...
  15. FrostyNaples

    Multiple Magic Bands

    I never leave the resort without a magic band on each wrist. :cool:
  16. FrostyNaples

    Buy Direct 1st then Resale 2nd?

    Ok thank you
  17. FrostyNaples

    Buy Direct 1st then Resale 2nd?

    RoFR passed only one week from submission! We landed small BLT contract, now onto closing. Follow-up question regarding 25 points via DVD that we will grab after the membership number comes through. Do you get any special offers or incentives doing this at a DVC kiosk in the parks or Disney...
  18. FrostyNaples

    New Discounts on Tickets for DVC Members

    We made it through RoFR! Is one week some kind of record on that? Anyways, once we have membership in hand, I'm buying 25 points via DVD to add on from this resale purchase, getting into any official DVC membership perks. This was our scheme. After the DVD purchase, any and all future adds...
  19. FrostyNaples

    New Discounts on Tickets for DVC Members

    Are the DVC AP's the same pricing discount as FL Resident? We have FL resident now, hoping to become DVC owners soon, curious if the DVC discount was even better than what we currently get, which is spectacular vs non FL resident pricing.
  20. FrostyNaples

    January 2018 Availability

    BLT & AK 1BD have two full baths :) if that helps. We did AK 1BD in Kidani last year for 4 adults and 1 child - worked out great.
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