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  1. DisJosh

    Confess your Disney Sins!!!!

    I can't stand parades. Magic Kingdom is my least favorite park. My love of Disney, while started by animated feature films, now has little or nothing to do with them. I love the theme parks first and foremost. A WDW trip would not be complete for me if I didn't pin trade. (not only am I a...
  2. DisJosh

    Limiting all guests to 3 FP+ choices per day

    Currently @ WDW. We are a bit irked by the limit of three FP's as well. The real annoyance to me is that we paid for hoppers and can't use them to their full advantage because our FP choices are limited to one park. Concierge here told me that this is not how the system will remain but it is...
  3. DisJosh

    How Many Days for you - Part 9

    Approximately 14 hours!
  4. DisJosh

    How Many Days for you - Part 9

    22 DAYS!!!!
  5. DisJosh

    How Many Days for you - Part 9

    41! The time is flying! I wouldn't mind a perceived slow down . I know the minute my trip starts that it will also fly by.
  6. DisJosh

    When did WDW start making meeting characters so organised?

    Especially in the early morning!
  7. DisJosh

    Pirates Of The Carribean

    Good riddance! Never liked it as an addition to the attraction. When is the last time PotC went down for a decent refurb?
  8. DisJosh

    I Have Bit the Negativity.. DISNEYWORLD HERE I COME!

    I'll be there in January as well! I look forward to trying out Magic Band. I think more than anything it will be an easy way for me to spend frivolous amounts of money on PINS! :)
  9. DisJosh

    Epcot vs. EPCOT Center: YOU Decide!

    I do believe that, nothing embodies Walt's original concept of EPCOT more so than Drunkytown. :D
  10. DisJosh

    Has anyone ever had another guest start an issue with you?

    Lately? There has never been a shortage here! I suppose I'm calling out the "why is everyone being so negative posts." Just like those posters call out the critical or negative posts. Epically meta... I guess the irksome thing is when folks do not actually contribute to the discussion but...
  11. DisJosh

    Has anyone ever had another guest start an issue with you?

    Folks who join this board have one thing in common, they LOVE WDW. When you love something, are you not critical of it? Don't you want it to be everything it can be? Or in the case of some Disney parks/attractions what they once were? Or do you generally take everything for face value? We all...
  12. DisJosh

    Food & Wine Festival - Drunkytown?

    I want in on the Drunkytown meet! Lol Folks around here do seem to get a bit sensitive that those of us who enjoy a drink have to do it in WDW. Anywhere you go with large crowds there are going to be people behaving on both ends of the spectrum, booze or not! Plan your trips accordingly and...
  13. DisJosh

    Because I'm a Scaredy Cat...

    If you like speed then you are missing out by not doing RnR. It's smooth, fast and has none of those big drops that give you that stomach in throat sensation. Everest is more intense to me because it has a few tight turns, a decent drop and the backwards section. BUT, I would still recommend...
  14. DisJosh

    Epcot's Continued Sad Condition

    Get rid of the guests in Mousegear with beer and all of our problems will be solved! It's just a shame I will have to cancel my next trip... :rolleyes:
  15. DisJosh

    How Many Days for you - Part 9

    73 days and 100% paid for!
  16. DisJosh

    Book now, discount later?

    We will definitely be going with or without the discount! So thank you all for answering my question. I have faith that a discount WILL be offered as I've taken advantage of them many, many times in January. I'll go ahead and book and then cross my fingers. :)
  17. DisJosh

    Book now, discount later?

    I'm planning a trip for January and was hoping to take advantage of the same discount I received last year (if offered). Instead of free dining I believe it was Play, Stay and Dine. The question I have is, if I book before the discount is offered can I still take advantage of it once it is...
  18. DisJosh

    How many days for you - part 8

    I should add that when counti Bo knows EVERYTHING!
  19. DisJosh

    Breaking Bad...

    I think that has been the idea from the very start! Although Walt officially "broke bad" with his first tough guy encounter with Tuco. One of my favorite things about this show is how Jesse starts out as the lowlife thug and Walt the good guy... But as the show goes on they completely switch...
  20. DisJosh

    How many days for you - part 8

    125 days to go! It seems like a long way off but I know from experience it will fly by. All I can do in the mean time is continue to get my WDW fix here and on YouTube. Planning should also be fun because some friends are tagging along this time! Soooo excited! :D
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