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  1. Mawg

    At What Age Does Disney World Lose It's Appeal To Children?

    My 13yob does not want to go, he wants more thrill rides now or would rather go to the beach or on a cruise. WDW is not cool for a Middle School boy.
  2. Mawg

    POLL: Which Classic MK Attraction Would You Sacrifice?

    This is like voting for which one of your children you would sacrifice. It's gross and morbid. Small World easy choice.
  3. Mawg

    Help!! Disneyland Hotel vs Paradise Pier Club Level vs Grand Californian

    If your not planning on any resort/pool time, I would skip all 3 and stay across the street somewhere. It's not the same as WDW, the bubble is not that big of a deal to stay within at DL. Some of the hotels across the street are actually closer to the gates. I've stayed at the DLH, it was...
  4. Mawg

    News Disney removing plastic straws and more by mid-2019

    I remember when we were suppose to not user paper and make sure we recycled it to save the rain forest. Now we should be using paper again. Soon we will be able to use CFC's again. It's all about what political/social agenda is popular and then we all need to jump on board or risk looking...
  5. Mawg

    Hate for childless Disney fans

    Try not to live in a box, meaning don't let others define who you are. Life becomes much easier when you quit trying to have what others have or doing what others are doing. Your box should really only be defined by the laws our society has created and your own morals.
  6. Mawg

    Rumor Pixar's Coco coming to the Mexico Pavilion

    Saw a rumor that the Haunted Mansion may get a seasonal Coco overlay. Is that being discussed anywhere? Since I have not seen Coco, I can't say if I like the idea or not.
  7. Mawg

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    The argument on whether a coaster belongs at Epcot is really up to personal taste. I tend to think every park should have at least one thrilling coaster. The real argument has always been do the Guardians belong in Epcot?....No
  8. Mawg

    Why California is the TRUE Theme Park Capital of the World.

    Saying that someplace is the capital of something because that is where it started is crazy. By comparison, this would mean Albuquerque is the tech capital of the world because it is where Bill Gates and Paul Allen started Microsoft.
  9. Mawg

    park hopping.......very misunderstood

    Understand your opinion. I may be the only one included in my statement "some people hop due to short comings in the parks" but for me I hop because in the evening at the MK I want a beer, or I hop out of DHS because of a lack of attractions, I use to hop out of AK because it closed too early...
  10. Mawg

    park hopping.......very misunderstood

    All I'm saying is there are a lot of reasons to park hop, some of those reasons for some people are due to short comings in some of the parks. Adding park hopper to your ticket helps fix those short comings. Probably more so for first time visitors or infrequent visitors than for the veteran...
  11. Mawg

    park hopping.......very misunderstood

    I see your point. Each park is special and park hopper is good for getting back to your favorite park. I'm just saying what if some of the reason why you like EPCOT so much could be addressed in the other parks (not all reasons can and that is what makes each park special), but it would sure...
  12. Mawg

    park hopping.......very misunderstood

    I think we are all missing the point of the OP, we all have reasons for park hopping, we also enjoy it and like the options it give us. But what if the reasons we wanted park hopper could be addressed so that there was no reason to Park Hop, would that make your vacation more or less enjoyable?
  13. Mawg

    park hopping.......very misunderstood

    I agree with the OP, not to say there is no reason to Park hop, larger groups tend to have different opinions on different parks and rides. But a park hopper should not be necessary to bring value to the original ticket. You should not have to hop for the reasons of, diversity of attractions...
  14. Mawg

    Do Projects Die Because of Internet Rumors?

    I would think if they actually cared about what is said on the internet the Yeti would be fixed by now.
  15. Mawg

    News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    Pretty much, you just keep guessing until no one steers you away from that IP and they just stay quite
  16. Mawg

    News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    It seems we are 99% sure it is Brave. I'm picturing a mystic manor type attraction through a castle with the triplets causing trouble
  17. Mawg

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    I wouldn't call it Lazy. I would call it risk management. When you are smaller and newer you take more risk, you have less to lose and more to gain. Once you get to the size Disney is you don't push the envelope as much, you have more to lose and less to gain. Using proven IP's like Star...
  18. Mawg

    News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World

    Recycled Urine and Freeze Dried food. Heck maybe the bathrooms will be vacuum cleaners. I'm hopping they don't keep perfectly to theme.
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