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  1. whatnext

    T-Rex Cafe/ ADR Question

    No clue on the opening date but we're coming up on our 180 day ADR window. DS is really into dinos and will absolutely flip if and when he sees the place.
  2. whatnext

    T-Rex Cafe/ ADR Question

    Is it possible to make an ADR for T-Rex Cafe?
  3. whatnext

    places to eat..

    The only place we've eaten outside the world is in the airport.:ROFLOL:
  4. whatnext

    Disney preps 'Lone Ranger' remake

    Who would they cast as the ranger?
  5. whatnext

    Walking with Dinosaurs

    Awesome show !!! DS and I saw them at the Meadowlands in October. If your little one likes dinos like mine its worth it. The t-rex made me jump too.
  6. whatnext

    Best resort to stay at with small children

    I second the Poly. We stayed there in 2006 with a pair of two year olds and a four year old. The monorail and the great restaurant choices on the loop made it very easy to manage.
  7. whatnext

    New Years Eve Suggestions

    How do they stop letting in resort guests last?
  8. whatnext

    New Years Eve Suggestions

    How's Epcot and Animal Kingdom on New Years Eve morning ?
  9. whatnext

    New Years Eve Suggestions

    Not so much worried about the crowds as I am of getting shut out of a park I have ADR's in. We haven't experienced New Years so really have no idea of what to expect but it sounds like maybe a park early and dinner at a resort just to be safe. Maybe catch a fireworks show from the Poly beach or...
  10. whatnext

    New Years Eve Suggestions

    Hey Gang, Looking for some New Years Eve (Day and Night) suggestions w/ a four year old. We're not looking to make it to midnight but would like a parade and or fireworks. I am told the MK reaches guest capacity around ten in the morning. Are the other three parks reaching that level of...
  11. whatnext

    Need some computer help

    What does the volume icon do ?
  12. whatnext

    &%$#@*# snow

    For those that do miss the snow.
  13. whatnext

    how many more days for you? (continued)

    313 Days to Go
  14. whatnext

    Port Orleans French Quarter

    Just booked X-Mas 08 @ POFQ How long a boat ride from the Quarter to Downtown?
  15. whatnext


    Loved the food.
  16. whatnext

    Disney Spreadsheet

    May i get a copy of the spreadsheet. Thanks in advance.
  17. whatnext

    Toyota trying to take my Disney money!

    Land Rover Freelander Just spent $270.00 on a gas cap. No more Land Rovers in this house.
  18. whatnext


    House of Blues Voodoo Shrimp Thanks for the information and links. Heres one of my favorites that I did find and I've attached the link at the bottom. House of Blues Voodoo Shrimp with Shrimp Reduction Sauce Posted by FootsieBear at anonymous May 28, 2001 Source: Thought You'd Never...
  19. whatnext

    WDW Picture of the Day (Continued)

    A very relaxing spot.
  20. whatnext


    Wolfgang Puck's Breakfast Pizza Anybody have the recipe for Wolfgang Puck's "Apple Wood Smoked Breakfast Pizza" ? Also is there a thread started on just drink recipes?
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