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  1. NelsonRD

    Scentsy and Walt Disney World are bringing a new guest experience within Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom

    I was getting nervous Disney didn’t have an answer to Epic Universe. I feel better now, this should do it.
  2. NelsonRD

    Rides you were/are scared of

    Probably should add ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter to this list, although I was not a kid anymore.
  3. NelsonRD

    Rides you were/are scared of

    The original Journey to Imagination Literature Room.
  4. NelsonRD

    News Disney plans to accelerate Parks investment to $60 billion over 10 years

    I could actually do a lot of things if I wanted to as well.
  5. NelsonRD

    Shadows Effect Updated On Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

    No that is not it. People put their arms up on a coaster because of physics. During moments of high G forces, it becomes a challenge, and almost impossible at times, to keep your arms over your head. The best Disney example of this is after the big drop on Expedition Everest during the turns...
  6. NelsonRD

    How long do you think Carousel of Progress has left until its either updated or removed?

    I think the reference is from a quote Walt made himself that said it should "Never cease operations".
  7. NelsonRD

    AKL vs Boardwalk

    Enjoy! You will not regret it. Of all the hotels we have stayed, our girls have always reflected back on the time they stayed at the Animal Kingdom and could not only see, but actually hear the animals.
  8. NelsonRD

    AKL vs Boardwalk

    Whenever there is a question about Animal Kingdom Lodge vs. another hotel, the answer is always Animal Kingdom Lodge. I do not speak in absolutes often, but it is always Animal Kingdom Lodge. It is a truly unique experience, and no other hotel offers a Savanna, and for that reason, it is in a...
  9. NelsonRD

    News Test Track to be reimagined

    I am sorry, the Volt is not a true hybrid, as the ICE engine can in fact, drive the wheels.
  10. NelsonRD

    News Test Track to be reimagined

    I am still waiting for a true hybrid, where the ICE engine never touches the wheels, and only runs at consistent, optimum RPMs for efficient electric generation when needed. Dodge Ram trucks is promoting one, and I believe Mazda had a sedan in development as well.
  11. NelsonRD

    News Test Track to be reimagined

    The most depressing part of the EV1 is GM almost had it perfect. In testing, the battery would die, so to get consistent test miles, they attached a snowmobile engine to generate electricity. A first true hybrid. If they incorporated that into the final design, it would have been more...
  12. NelsonRD

    Has the Tower of Terror elevator ever gotten stuck in the drop shafts?

    The roof is not solid, it is grated. With the work lights on, we were able to see some cabling and some track looking up. During the decent there is not much to see, mostly black walls. I may recall seeing some sensors and cameras, and you can see a little of the outline of the purple...
  13. NelsonRD

    Has the Tower of Terror elevator ever gotten stuck in the drop shafts?

    We were briefly stuck in the shaft our last trip. During the drop cycle it stopped. After about a few minutes minutes, the lights came on with an announcement to remain seated. About a minute after that, it moved very slowly to the bottom. We were never evacuated. The vehicle returned with...
  14. NelsonRD

    LED Christmas lights

    I know, but not too many Christmas lights have full bridge rectifiers.
  15. NelsonRD

    LED Christmas lights

    Fair enough. The bigger problem I have with LED lights is flicker. LED's are a diode, passing current one way, and the half waveform of the 110v/60Hz be seen as a 60Hz flicker without a rectifier, mostly out of the corners of my eye.
  16. NelsonRD

    LED Christmas lights

    Almost all LED manufactures have a color spectrum. I have seen this on Christmas lights as well. Color temperature of 2700k will provide a yellow glow, 7000k is more of the blue tone. Purchase is of personal preference, and attention to color temperature is probably not considered.
  17. NelsonRD

    News Black Friday offer on tickets to Drawn to Life presented by Cirque du Soleil and Disney

    I enjoyed the show when I saw it. So now you have heard something positive.
  18. NelsonRD

    What ride going away would bother you the most

    Carousel of Progress. Walt himself said it should never cease operations.
  19. NelsonRD

    Enormous Crowds!

    That give Disney more time to cater to the family from Denver.
  20. NelsonRD

    Line Jumpers/Cutters

    Yes, that is the line mule.
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