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    Favorite parade/fireworks music

    Spectromagic and Illuminations are the very best. I'm so sorry Spectromagic is gone forever.
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    BREAKING NEWS: huge hidden Mickey discovered!

    What will those imagineers think of next........!!!?
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    What do you like to do on your arrival day?

    For us it is always off the DTD and complete all our shopping. Back to our hotel and then off to the California Grill for dinner. For the last three years we celebrated our wedding anniversary and my birthday. Then, the rest of the vacation is Disney uninterupted. :sohappy:
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    How would you feel if Disney decided to no longer offer fireworks?

    The fireworks is VERY important to us. The nightly presentations makes the Disney experience seem like a big time holiday for us. It IS the Disney difference.
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    September crowds....what to expect?

    Sept crowd levels. You will love WDW during your time frame. Crowds are low, for the most part. Weather is warm, sooooo enjoy and have a great time. :wave:
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    Live web cams at Disney Parks

    Those websites, back in the day, were working fine. 9//11 was the death nell for the park web cameras. The weather cam was my only salvation at the time but that went too. :hammer:
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    Hello Mergatroid. Enjoy the forums

    Hello Mergatroid. Enjoy the forums
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    Disney Music

    Epcot Music of Reflections of Earth is my favorite. I'm always moved by the entire show presentation. A first class performance both the visual and audio. I play the CD in my vehicle regularly. :wave:
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    My wifes one ( or two) MINOR Complaint(s)

    Love your humor, you should consider writing. :sohappy:
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    Interesting NBC News Report from 1983

    Walt's decision If Florida had not given Disney complete autonomy (for the most part), we WDW fans would not have the end result we now enjoy. You enter a greenway to Disney property, entering a magical world. Disney has been an asset for Florida and it's citizens. I think the good has...
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    Are they still enforcing the fastpass return times?

    There will always be people who believe that the rules don't apply to them fill in the blank. Or they are special because.......... you fill in the blank. Give the CM's a break and be on time or suffer the results that befall you. :brick:
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    Christmas in Disney "Must do's"

    We go to WDW (last 3 years) only during Christmas time, preferably early Dec. Our next visit begins Dec. 2. For us, the parks are decorated and festive. It is our favorite time to visit and I don't see any changes in our planning for the time being. Disney does Christmas like no other. I...
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    Main St My Favorite Disney Destination

    Back Home Again Walking down Main St. taking all of the sights, sounds and smells. It's life being home again. :sohappy:
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    Twinkle Lights Returning to Hub in MK

    Twinkle lights It truly is the small "things" that add to the magic of The Magic Kingdom. This small improvement (restoration) will enhance the magical feel. :wave:
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    What attraction is best associated with Disney to outsiders?

    I really don't think its a ride that outsiders associate with WDW. I believe its the iconic Cinderella's Castle. In advertising, the castle becomes part of the Disney logo.
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    Where do you draw the line of affordable?

    Save, no matter how small We, wife and I, actively safe money from each paycheck for a Disney vacation. We go each Dec. now. The vacation money is not touched for anything else. We purchase tickets on line, non-expiration and stay off-site in Lake Buena Vista. We keep meals to simple fare...
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    Park Hopping?

    We park hop every day we visit WDW. We do our favorite rides in each park and move on. We have park hopped all four parks in one day, this can be a little hectic. Dinner ressies can dictate our park hopping. Of course, our kids are grown ups and we are free to travel without having to...
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    at last

    Who will be more excited Mom and Dad or the kids? How have you been able to keep the secret? Would love to be a fly on he wall when the kids are told. Have a great time.!!!:sohappy: :ROFLOL:
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    Favorite Fireworks Display

    Illuminations: ROE Epcot's Illuminations has to be and IS the best fireworks display in WDW. We have been WDW goers for years, we have seen them all. But the show and presentation of ROE still moves us each and every times. :sohappy:
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    WDW Guest Argues Tower of Terror Warnings Misled Him....

    Stupidity reins supreme! There will ALWAYS be people and lawyers looking for a quick buck against a major company. Let's blame someone else for our own stupidity and try to make big money. Ambulance chasing lawyers take some of the blame in this case. :brick: :hammer:
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