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  1. DarthMileZ

    Returning to forum

    hi guys! Returning after a long time off, suffering with wdw Blues after our 3 week June trip. We are going to eurodisney for Christmas 2017 and then Disney world in 2019!
  2. DarthMileZ

    Effect of Brexit on WDW attendance?

    i voted out, can't believe we got it, now we can pick and trade who we trade with, and hopefully invest more into our health system. (probably won't) maybe even trade more with the USA. anyway, this won't stop me going to Disney, if i have to pay a little more so be it.
  3. DarthMileZ

    this rumor has gained legs......Pepsi

    I'd like to see mountain dew in the parks, its so refreshing, coke just makes me thirstier, rarely drink it in the parks anyway. while we are on this subject, has any of the UK peeps noticed that fanta orange is different / better in the USA?!
  4. DarthMileZ

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    1st Anniversary booked up... going again xD so excited. 11 nights at AK Lodge, 2 nights at Cabana Bay, Universal & a suprise extra night at the GF.. that hurt my poor wallet but shes going to love the suprise on her birthday in a few weeks!!!
  5. DarthMileZ

    Tarps over Haunted Mansion

    i can confirm the tarps were there when i was there. cast members we spoke to said they all had no idea but most likely just a quick paint job perhaps
  6. DarthMileZ

    What is Disney's next move?

    the shootings happened while i was out there (i stayed at Rosen Inn off site, only about 9 miles from pulse!) and we were at magic kingdom the day before the gator incident. everyone we spoke to on the plane home simply said "nothing is going to stop me from coming to disney"
  7. DarthMileZ

    Enchanted Tiki Room

    I get it, i was clapping and jigging in my seat, everyone around me looked miserable. actually in fact everyone seemed to be miserable during my trip. magic kingdom HAS lost a little magic recently.
  8. DarthMileZ

    From the OS: Gator drags child into Seven Seas Lagoon

    I only arrived back from Orlando this morning. crazy horrible time for Orlando. My question is, will Disney get sued for this? Are they liable?
  9. DarthMileZ

    Terminator had its day?

    I remember this show being great, but after my last viewing, i was saddened to notice the screen quality is poor and the 3D just isn't as 3D as the newer rides, it hurts my eyes to look at it, i had to keep looking away... :( I can't see them updating it, perhaps they are ready to scrap it and...
  10. DarthMileZ

    Not enough non thrill attractions

    i agree with this post, i dont like rollercoasters and i can do SOME simulators but most of the rides now i can't do, i used to love Twister, Disaster and Jaws. all gone :( i have to settle with just MIB, ET and the Rapids. terminator seriously needs updating. the 3D is shocking.
  11. DarthMileZ

    Can they make a ride without screens?

    i went to UNI and IOA the past 3 days, have to say since Jaws went ive been struggling to pick my new favourite ride. im not into rollercoasters and im not a massive fan of simulators either. i can do some of them like Spider-Man but i found FJ too intense. Men In Black now stands as my...
  12. DarthMileZ

    Reaction To Losing Something At WDW

    in 2008 we lost our digital camera at the end of the trip at animal kingdom, pretty sure it fell off the bridge as you enter the park (dont ask) lol more recently i lost my sun glasses in the wave pool at TL, i stupidly forgot they were still on my face :D
  13. DarthMileZ

    Enchanted Tiki Room

    First time doing it today and i must ask.... WHAT DID I WATCH?! lol
  14. DarthMileZ

    my 3 week WDW trip... heres what i noticed..

    Hollywood Studios - If you are not a Star Wars fan, i wouldn't suggest even visiting, i am a massive star wars fan so i loved it, but my other half was disappointed, its everywhere. from new center stage shows to fireworks to massive presence in all the stores. -It's not a half day park as much...
  15. DarthMileZ

    Can/should/will they fix Kali's splash?

    they should take a leaf from IOA's rapids. that ride is brilliant.
  16. DarthMileZ


    Again peeps!! i know its open air, what i mean is, Disney have some amazing ways of doing things in the parks, surely they can come up with a clever way to deter them from that one area. just like they do in Blizzard.
  17. DarthMileZ


    not being funny but they use some of the most amazing tech in their rides etc but they cant keep wasps away from drink fountains? i totally understand that it's florida and they will be around. but at least protect these fountains. when i was stung, these wasps would fly around you while filling...
  18. DarthMileZ


    Got stung at Typhoon Lagoon trying to refill my cup... i only stood there, wasn't even trying to swat the damn things... the cast members were nice as anything but why on earth can't disney keep these pests in check? blizzard have the mist machines which keeps them away from the fountains.
  19. DarthMileZ

    Break Downs 02/06

    Lots of break downs today, my family guy stuck on HP and the forbidden journey, when outside we had a few people say both Cat & The Hat and Spider-Man broke down... Spider-Man remained closed for the rest of the day... got given 4 fast passes for rides in the other park which our family didnt...
  20. DarthMileZ

    Can/should/will they fix Kali's splash?

    I'm more surprised about the state of the boats. I was there a few days ago and the bars you hold onto were in a terrible state. Need re painting. My seat was ripped too and the bars were sticky (so gross) Could have just been the one boat
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