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  1. Missymoe4

    Worst Disney World hotel experience thread

    Actually, no apparition. Just the curtains sliding back/to the side from the window, as though something was "peeking" out the window. The sound of the metal rings against the metal pole is what awakened me. (And when I say awakened, I mean sitting bolt upright, heart pounding, wide-eyed awake...
  2. Missymoe4

    Worst Disney World hotel experience thread

    Okay, folks here goes. This seems far fetched, but I'm telling you it was the scariest thing I have encountered. Last summer at the Pop Century in a room facing the pool, we were awakened by some kind of spirit. I know this sounds really far fetched, but was totally legit. After...
  3. Missymoe4

    Disney Travel Journal

    Thank you! I'm so sorry I missed this reply. Life got in the way...and I didn't check this site. Did you make one? How was your trip?
  4. Missymoe4

    Question for those who stay in the values.

    As a person who has stayed at all levels, including GF Club Level several times, I have no issues with Pop/Value resorts. In fact, there are more advantages of staying there. For me, 18 days at the Pop was a dream. If I went anywhere else, I would have a much shorter trip. I was able to relax at...
  5. Missymoe4

    Hate for childless Disney fans

    I looked it up on Urban Dictionary. "" is now used in other ways. Those
  6. Missymoe4

    Hate for childless Disney fans

    You are hilarious!! You can teach me a few tricks. lol
  7. Missymoe4

    Hate for childless Disney fans

    I get this stare a lot in life. lol.
  8. Missymoe4

    Disney After Hours was great!

    There is nothing that can compare to E-ride night!! I was a pre-teen during that era and I loved running around the MK for three hours and being exhausted the next day. Those were the days.
  9. Missymoe4

    Hate for childless Disney fans

    I don't care what people say about me going to Disney childless. I'm a high school teacher. I have enough "kids". Here's a story that happened to me last year. I was walking up to the security checkpoint as a mother with lots of baggage cuts in front of me, right at the table (in front of the...
  10. Missymoe4

    More "after hours" hard ticket dates

    I don’t think the OP meant to lie. I remember days when the MK was open until midnight every night in the summer. And I remember extra magic hours going until 3 am. 10 pm is a bummer. It seems to have changed just (maybe?) 8-10 years ago.
  11. Missymoe4

    Pre-Trip How to celebrate a proper 20/40 in just 18 months...

    Well, duh! I'm not that dumb. You made it sound like it was some Disney cruise milestone.
  12. Missymoe4

    Pre-Trip How to celebrate a proper 20/40 in just 18 months...

    I'm following along. Can someone explain what the milestones are?
  13. Missymoe4

    Disney Travel Journal

    Hi folks, I wanted to share a Disney travel journal I made for my last trip. I used this as a place to write notes in, and later I will create a scrapbook. In the past, I would simply scrapbook my trips. However, time is not always on my side, and I found myself forgetting what we did on which...
  14. Missymoe4

    Who else here prefers a stay at a Value Resort versus a Deluxe?

    See, even at the Deluxe hotels, we have resorted to uber. Since we stay MK resorts, we can't uber from MK back to the room. But even from the MK to the GF, I have waited for a boat for 45 mins. So, what is the difference at that point? Last year it took us an hour and 15 from GF to Epcot (the...
  15. Missymoe4

    Who else here prefers a stay at a Value Resort versus a Deluxe?

    I'm really excited to hear this. Over the past few years we have been staying at the Grand Floridian and/or Contemporary. This trip we want to shake things up. So we booked a room at the Pop outside the main pool. Yes, the savings is awesome. I do love the GF. I mean, LOVE it. But I don't love...
  16. Missymoe4

    So why weren't there many strollers back in the day?

    My two cents: too many kids over the age of a baby/toddler are in a stroller. My parents were all about kids walking when they could walk. I think too many kids are thrown into a stroller (because it's "easier") when they really should be walking. As a teacher we preach student advocacy and...
  17. Missymoe4

    Beach Club - Full 2017 Tour in 4K

    This is a great video. You do a wonderful job showing the resort and your voice is calm. I will look for more of your videos.
  18. Missymoe4

    Anyone stayed in the refurbished rooms at both the YC and the BC?

    I want a contact at the resort! Lucky you to have the inside job.
  19. Missymoe4

    Deluxe Resorts?

    Note, we go for the hotels now. We're in the parks, but as Chicagoans, we love lounging by the pool midday. Also (this makes a huge difference) we don't have children.
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