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  1. Foltzy

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    Finally got to witness my first college football game from a student perspective and I’ll say it lived up to the hype. Then again Notre Dame hasn’t played a game receiving this much attention and hype in a while. It was a great way to kick off my career as a student watching games and great to...
  2. Foltzy

    News Monorail Red in motion with guests on board and doors open

    This thread is nine pages long and I don't really have the time to read through it all but I wanna post what first went through my mind. So if somebody already posted something similar and this is a double post, my apologies. It's no wonder Disney keeps charging more for everything, people have...
  3. Foltzy

    News UCF Peach Bowl/National Championship Parade

    This brings up the issue of players playing too many games. 15 if it expands to 8? That's ridiculous. They'd be playing 3 games that bring in big money and they get nothing. And, college football is way too physical to be playing 15 games If it's 6, it brings up who deserves the bye and who...
  4. Foltzy

    News UCF Peach Bowl/National Championship Parade

    Why can't we all just agree that the CFP process is stupid and should be expanded (and players receive comp. but that's a whole different story)
  5. Foltzy

    When you get to WDW, what sight makes you smile and decompress?

    The first time a Cast Member says "Welcome Home". Something about it gets to me, it's like, yeah, I'm home. Seeing the monorail for the first time too. I've always loved it and seeing it really makes me feel like I'm back in the world. Waling into Tomorrowland under the sign and hearing the...
  6. Foltzy

    2017 NASCAR

    I agree that's the likely scenario. Wish one of the vets got the ride though. I really would like to see Kenseth, Kahne, or even a return from Biffle to that car
  7. Foltzy

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    I will agree that Liam was a disappointment. My friends and I were probably 10 feet away from the stage when we walked off. Super bummed he didn't end up playing Wonderwall.
  8. Foltzy

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    The weather was fantastic save for Thursday. Not to hot and not to warm. A little bit of rain Thursday but thunderstorms forced the headliners to cancel which was a bummer. Otherwise it was great
  9. Foltzy

    The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread

    Just returned from my hotel for Lollapalooza. I just didn't want the weekend to end. I'll say for any Killers or Arcade Fire fans, seeing them in concert would be a wise decision. I would say that for Muse but only got 20 mins of them :(
  10. Foltzy

    2017 NASCAR

    I hope Kenseth gets into the five. (Not just because he's my driver.) He can still win even though he's old. Don't want to see a vet forced into retirement because of no ride kind of like Biffle. I really don't want to see Byron rushed to the Cup Series only to flop like Logano. I'm hoping a...
  11. Foltzy

    NFL 2017 Discussion Thread

    Poor Dolphins Fans. Now they might understand the pain we suffered in Chicago with Cutler. At least they have Gase who helped Cutler to one of his best seasons. Still expecting a typical Jay season though.
  12. Foltzy

    A Worse Dark Ride Than Mermaid

    Wow I didn't know a dark ride could be that bad. Like really. Wow
  13. Foltzy

    NFL 2017 Discussion Thread

    The Bears are gonna suck again!!! Yay for Chicago sports
  14. Foltzy

    Underwhelmed at AKL

    Really? I was just at AKL and loved (almost) everything about it. The only complaint I had was bus service to parks. We waited a while However, I found the location nice in that I was able to hop to AK at night and get a Flight of Passage ride in them go back to my hotel in a quick ride. And...
  15. Foltzy

    When rules don't apply to others; I want to hear your stories

    Line jumpers are the worst. I understand if you have to leave the line to go to the bathroom or whatever but when dad saves the place in line and mom, junior, junior number 2 come through the line it isn't okay. My family and I block them from coming through in ways that look casual-ish. I feel...
  16. Foltzy

    Magic Kingdom Rides at Night

    TTA during the night. Tomorrowland has the best lighting in all of WDW and you can see it all. We've also been able to time Astro Orbiter such that we're riding with the beginning of the fireworks and then watching from the top of Rocket Tower Plaza. Great experience
  17. Foltzy


    Ooh I've got one more. My family was waiting in the Mission: Space preshow room and Gary Sinise was giving his spiel. He gets to the part in which he tells us about our vehicle and shows us a model of it. Some guy pipes up from the back of the room "How are we supposed to fit into that?" in...
  18. Foltzy


    This year I was at MK and walking by Tomorrowland Speedway heading to MTP and this random guy approaches me and says "Dude what the heck. Your shirt is in Spanish and it doesn't say anything". I was wearing my monorail shirt that says "por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas". I replied...
  19. Foltzy

    Grand Floridan vs. whispering canyon

    I've always loved WCC. However it depends a lot on your waiter. If you get a good and funny waiter you'll have the time of your life but an okay waiter makes it a meh experience. The food is normally pretty good however.
  20. Foltzy

    I Wish - the Wishing Thread

    1. I wish we bought Cubs season tickets when they sucked and were the Flubs. 2. I wish Apple didn't make groupchats to become such an annoying thing. 3. I wish I didn't treat myself to the cheap Mexican buffet last night. It was cheap for a reason and boy do I regret that. In case you couldn't...
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