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  1. GaryT977

    New Park Maps and Old Chairs

    Exactly, sorry about that. I'll try to be more clear. I wasn't aware stitch was out, since he wasn't on the Epcot monorail spiel, and that's where I've been working the last few days. Can't say I'll miss it, lol.
  2. GaryT977

    Woman airlifted to ORMC after riding Mission: Space

    Well, that explains the helicopter landing last night. I saw it come in while I was working the Epcot station.
  3. GaryT977

    New Park Maps and Old Chairs

    Jack Sparrow has also been added to the monorail spiel. In addition, there's a new billboard on the Beeline Expressway for Capt. Jack. There's also one with some character from the Cartoon Network saying "I Pooted", which fascinates me for some reason.
  4. GaryT977

    Our Disney Visa = CANCELLED

    I haven't had any problem with chase, but 19% interest is just a little ridiculous. As soon as it's paif off, it's gone.
  5. GaryT977

    "I love Disco!!!"

    Oh my, I don't want to get Mr. Skinny with the back hair in trouble, he really was the best skipper I've had in quite some time.
  6. GaryT977

    "I love Disco!!!"

    YES!!!! My skipper pointed that out last week and actually had it as part of his spiel. I wish I could remember his name because he's the best skipper I've had in quite some time. Skinny kid with black hair, which doesn't really narrow anything down.
  7. GaryT977

    Paradise Pier Hotel entrance to DCA question

    No, their entrance is the Grand Californian's entrance. You have to walk across the street.
  8. GaryT977

    Do you think they will ever extend the Monorail?

    They tried that in Futurama, and still ended up with traffic jams. :drevil:
  9. GaryT977

    Happy Birthday Irrawaddy Erik!!

    Did you find the Suess Trolley as lame as I did?
  10. GaryT977

    Do you think they will ever extend the Monorail?

    As much as I would like to see the monorail system expanded to include all of the parks, especially animal kingdom and animal kingdom lodge, I really don't think it's going to happen. It's not just a matter of adding another monorail beam or two. The system is designed to handle the 12...
  11. GaryT977

    Seas ride: Nemo's Undersea Adventure

    The CM's outside the construction walls are still saying it'll open in October.
  12. GaryT977

    Happy Birthday Irrawaddy Erik!!

    Happy birthday!
  13. GaryT977

    Do you think they will ever extend the Monorail?

    No, it would require the construction of a new monorail shop, for one thing. I just don't ever see this happening.
  14. GaryT977

    Controversy about CARS

    I'm sorry, but beating a train across the tracks is one of the oldest movies cliches in existence. Superman did it in the first movie. Homer Simpson did it when he was trying to out-race God. IMHO, people who think their kids are going to run out and try something just because they saw it...
  15. GaryT977

    Who does the monorail speil?

    I didn't mean to start a Stitch war, but as much as that spiel annoys me, I have to admit that the kids love it when monorail green pulls into the station with Stitch on the windshield. "We get to ride the Stitch train!" That being said... why not update the spiel with newer characters...
  16. GaryT977

    Apartment Search

    If you found something that cheap you may want to check and make sure there are no income restrictions. A decent two bedroom place currently runs in the $800 per month range. I found a place in Millenia, which is between Disney and downtown Orlando, for about that price. Also, there was...
  17. GaryT977

    Waterparks on July 4th - a bad idea?

    It's a holiday in the summertime. You do the math. :animwink:
  18. GaryT977

    50's Prime Time Cafe for 60th Birthday?

    50's would be a great place for an occasion like that. I was there when someone at an adjacent table had a birthday, and we all had to sing for her. Plus, 50's is great all by itself.
  19. GaryT977

    Pirates opening July 1st?

    For what it's worth, I saw a little ad yesterday in one of the cafeterias indicating a July 1st soft opening and a July 6th (or 7th? one forgets) grand opening for Pirates. I'm going to check it out on Monday, the 2nd, so we'll see.
  20. GaryT977

    Who does the monorail speil?

    I should probably know the answer since I work monorails now, but I don't. I just wish they would take 'Stitch' back out of the spiel.
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