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  1. BeanCounterBob

    I don't care what anyone says, I will always love...

    One of my favorite things to do is sit upstairs, above the entrance of Magic Kingdom. I sat up there for a few hours one time to watch Wishes from up there. It was awesome to see everyone going about their time at the park. It caught me off guard. I had no interest in sitting there for hours...
  2. BeanCounterBob

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    801....just about the crest the 800 day mark!
  3. BeanCounterBob

    Trip Report 4 years in the making!

    It was more of a disappointment than anything. We used to always make it a habit to go to Disney Springs on our arrival night but this time we couldn't make that work. It has been 4 years since we have been there and it is just a glorified mall that is full of stores that I have around me. The...
  4. BeanCounterBob

    Trip Report 4 years in the making!

    We got back from our trip a few weeks ago and then got slammed at work. We didn't really have any time to come down from a week in Disney...until now. This was a first for our daughter (6), first time on a plane, the longest trip she has had and her first time at Disney. This was me, my wife...
  5. BeanCounterBob

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    We recently got back from a really great trip.....and then I quickly started planning the next one. 822 more days! It sure beats the countdown from the last one (it was around 1400 days), but this one will be even more fun!
  6. BeanCounterBob

    Has Be Our Guest gone downhill?

    We ate there a few weeks ago and loved everything that we had. The inside is stunning, this being our third time, and we were able to sit in the main room. Usually we were in the study. We loved the meal and our waiter was great. My beef with BOG is the waiting room. Its a $200 plus meal, for 3...
  7. BeanCounterBob

    Weird Planning Questions

    I have two oddly specific questions to throw out there..... 1-What kind of coffee maker is at Jambo House Villas? Is it a Kuerig or drip pot 2- Park hopping is still after 2pm, right? But to use it you have to go to the first park that you have listed as your park reservation? Can I modify...
  8. BeanCounterBob

    Who Is Your Favorite Disney Villain.

    Bean Counter Bob!!! Oh its awkward
  9. BeanCounterBob

    Now that we are closer.........

    Thanks for that info! We are at Animal Kingdom Lodge so we will be good with the lightning lanes. Thats all great info though....thanks again!
  10. BeanCounterBob

    Now that we are closer.........

    We have just 54 days until we get home! I did have a few questions to throw out there on some bookings. For Tron/Guardians/and Rise of Resistance- how do I get on these rides. Is the only way Lightning Lane, or are they running the virtual que where I have to try to book at 7am/1pm. We are not...
  11. BeanCounterBob

    Disney tattoos

    Bumping up an oldie but a is my latest piece
  12. BeanCounterBob

    If Disney has a "Mount Rushmore" who is on it?

    ME!!!! The one and only Bean Counter Bob.....and to visit me you will need to buy an all day ticket, make a park reservation, AND buy a lightning lane pass for a cool $100 dollars! On either side of me I will chisel in my Walt Disney accomplishments...minus my firing. MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY
  13. BeanCounterBob

    Enchanted Rose

    Perfect. I figured she couldnt be at the bar, but didnt know if they have other seating. Thanks for the advice on a snack for the kiddo. That will be key
  14. BeanCounterBob

    Enchanted Rose

    We are thinking about hitting this bar on our upcoming trip. I am sure they do, but can I bring my 6 year old there?
  15. BeanCounterBob

    Pre-Trip 200 is WAY better than 1500- Pretrip

    Here is my first pre-trip report....for a trip I have been eyeing for years and years! My last trip was in 2019 and was just a long weekend. My wife and I went and loosely figured out a time frame to take our daughter. We decided age 6 would be the best time. I am also a DVC member and saw that...
  16. BeanCounterBob

    AKL savanna view… blown away!

    I love this resort. I am very lucky to have DVC at Jambo house and if the lobby is not enough, you can then walk right out into the savanna. The room views are amazing. I am so glad that you loved it! I know AKL gets some hate because of how far it is,and boy is it, but it also offers great...
  17. BeanCounterBob

    Jambo House

    Thanks so much! Our home is Jambo but this trip is a big one. I have been looking into it for years now and its finally coming up
  18. BeanCounterBob

    Jambo House

    I think I am getting everything in line for our upcoming trip. One question that I do have......Does Jambo house supply laundry detergent in the DVC rooms? And if so how much? I am wondering if I need to buy some with our grocery delivery; or will what they have cover a few loads
  19. BeanCounterBob

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    332......but now I have my room locked in.....and those annoying park reservations made.Its finally taking shape!
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