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  1. the-reason14

    Say NO To Genie+ PETITION

    Interesting. Thanks for the reply.
  2. the-reason14

    Say NO To Genie+ PETITION

    This makes sense but from my understanding it seems you will have to buy into the genie+ to even be eligible to buy the other attractions. I could be wrong but if that were the case then that makes a bit more sense. If you can actually see with your own eyes that Space Mountain is a ridiculous...
  3. the-reason14

    Say NO To Genie+ PETITION

    The unfortunate ugly truth is that no petition or boycott is going to really do anything. We can complain about this change all we want, Disney is going to do what they want, and people are still going to go and buy this reshuffled product. More then likely eventually, people are going to forget...
  4. the-reason14

    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    Damn near exactly what I was thinking. I’d probably pay extra for this in Tokyo, but highly doubt it here in the US.
  5. the-reason14

    Oculus Quest

    Love the oculus quest. Vr is possibly the best investment I have made in a long time, specifically the quest. I have experience with psvr and some pcvr but the quest took it to the next level. I loved echo vr not so much now because of the skill gap and toxic community. Other then that, it’s a...
  6. the-reason14

    Does Raya and the Last Dragon have a future in the Disney Parks?

    I actually just recently saw the movie and thought it was pretty good. I'll admit seeing trailers for it originally gave me no desire to see it, but since it's on Disney + I thought why not. I would like to see some representation of it in the parks simply because more minority characters/movies...
  7. the-reason14

    What would it take for you to NOT go back?

    What made me stop going was the conversion from paper fastpass tickets to the now defunct fastpass+ system. We went from being AP holders to some timers. I still go on occasion, but what would really make me stop going is if friends that currently work there don’t for whatever reason and I can...
  8. the-reason14

    News Coco scene coming to Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Disney World

    From the video it looks nice and I like it. As I've said before I'm happy that they are adding something and I'm happy that it is CoCo. I understand why some may think it's a little random, and I agree with that. But the whole show is just that, random. The only other song I think that could...
  9. the-reason14

    Entering from Harbor

    That’s good to hear. I imagine things should start calming down. But that just may be wishful thinking.
  10. the-reason14

    Entering from Harbor

    Has anything improved? Or is still a mad dash mass of humans?
  11. the-reason14

    Must Do Disney Coming Back???

    Same. Nothing screams nostalgia more to me then that. Those definitely were the good ole days.
  12. the-reason14

    Must Do Disney Coming Back???

    Bring back the “tip for today” or top 12 or whatever it was with Kryssa.
  13. the-reason14

    News Coco scene coming to Mickey’s PhilharMagic in Disney World

    I am very happy to hear this. I just hope they spend the money and take the time to update the rest of the film to match what I'm assuming the new scene's quality will be. I am doubtful, but hope they would do that. Coco is one of my favorite Pixar movies, and one of their best I would say. It's...
  14. the-reason14

    News Reimagined 2020 'Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Celebration' to air on Christmas Day

    I actually enjoyed it. They did what they could given the circumstances of this year, and it wasn't great by any means but definitely wasn't as bad either. Out of all the performers, I wish they'd given Tori more shine. She is probably the most talented performer they had this year. It was weird...
  15. the-reason14

    Poll: It's a Small World load area?

    I think the original facade was “cute” when it was there, but I do not thing it would have held up well into 2020 or even past 2005. I much prefer the nod to DL’s facade. DL’s IASW facade is clearly superior, while the inside/show room portion is superior in WDW. Even though that has nothing to...
  16. the-reason14

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I actually hated DLP’s Space when i first rode it because it was horrendously rough! But after they “updated” it to the star wars version and changed the restraints to give your head more space to move without banging against the restraint, it was a much more comfortable experience. The Indy...
  17. the-reason14

    Splash Mountain re-theme announced

    Um no. While Tianna, her family, and her people definitely lived in the poorer part of town, she fulfilled her dream of opening a restaurant. She was a hard worker, a dreamer, but believed that hard work was what would pay off, and it did. So she won and fulfilled the “American Dream.”
  18. the-reason14

    Splash Mountain re-theme announced

    Lol well I clearly have my facts mixed up. I didn’t know for sure what time period the movie is supposed to take place whether it was during slavery or after and I can kind of see how that might make a difference. But yes there are problems with the film and because the ride is ”loosely” based...
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