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  1. gjpjtj

    Current Bounce Back Offer

    Found this post today, wasn't sure if anyone had seen it.
  2. gjpjtj

    Park Hopping vs One Park a day

    Same here!! :)
  3. gjpjtj

    Drive to Disney World?

    I knew we were out there! Glad I'm not alone..;) We did similar when our son was young. We had multiple dollar store toys in the car, and just about once an hour, (at least when he was awake), we would give him a new toy. This thoroughly kept him occupied, and excited and well behaved looking...
  4. gjpjtj

    Drive to Disney World?

    We have consistently done the trip from the Poconos in 17 1/2 hours. Have done a little shorter, and a lot longer as well depending on traffic. But 17 1/2 hours is what we expect. That said we only stop when we need gas, and one stop for dinner. We have always gone straight through, even when...
  5. gjpjtj

    back packs allowed?

    Put in it a zip-loc bag and in your pants pocket...they don't check there!! ;)
  6. gjpjtj

    Cosmic Rays or Pecos Bills

    My vote goes to Pecos Bills, I prefer the atmosphere in there.
  7. gjpjtj


    Here is one I always wonder about. How about tipping the housekeeping staff that bring extra towels to your room, when you request them?
  8. gjpjtj

    Arriving really close to 10pm, should I put magical express tags on or not?

    Great that's what I thought. Thanks!
  9. gjpjtj

    Arriving really close to 10pm, should I put magical express tags on or not?

    While on this topic, I haven't used ME in years, (we have been driving), however travelling solo in January. I would rather get my bags myself, so the tags your speaking of are special ME tags? (these are different than the tags you often get with a WDW package?) And if I don't put them on I can...
  10. gjpjtj

    How to get from resort to resort without buses?

    Speaking of taxis...does anyone know the cost of a roundtrip taxi from ASMo to the Hess station across from Hollywood Studios? I've heard about taking the bus to DTD and walking to the Hess station there, however for saving time, seems a taxi would be quicker.
  11. gjpjtj

    How to avoid Food Poisoning....

    I've been 15 times to WDW, and only had a problem once. At Sci-Fi DIne In, I ordered a hamburger. It was huge! I ordered it medium-rare, (probably my mistake right there). After losing 24 hours of my trip spent in my bed and bathroom, :hungover: I recovered and enjoyed the rest of my trip...
  12. gjpjtj

    1st Solo Trip!!! A bundle of nervous excitement!

    Just booked my 1st solo trip as well, going in January for 4 nights! Very excited!!! :happy: Looking forward to hearing how your trips go, hope to hear some great tips!
  13. gjpjtj

    Those Precious 2 Credits....

    I have to agree. Le Cellier is one of my favorite WDW restaurants, however I have stopped going since it went to 2 credits. Rather use that on something special. Just not worth it.:(
  14. gjpjtj

    "Rapid Fill" Mugs Coming to Walt Disney World Hotels

    I love the idea of sitting by the soda machines and watching free loaders get turned away! Going to enjoy this next week!:happy:
  15. gjpjtj

    Lazy river at Typhoon Lagoon

    As Finding Nemo has taught us, "All drains lead to the sea!".......;)
  16. gjpjtj

    Lazy river at Typhoon Lagoon

    I would have to agree with Gabe1 TL feels way more tropical. We get enough winter in the North East, that I don't need fake snow in Florida. I must admit that BB has a better slide or two though.....
  17. gjpjtj

    Where In The World

    Sitting on a bench on Main Street, watching everyone rush to their destinations.
  18. gjpjtj

    Has anyone spent 2 weeks at WDW?

    We spent 15 nights on property mostly @ AKL. Loved every minute of it! (However it does make our current trips of 7 nights seem to go by too fast.)
  19. gjpjtj

    How many days for you - part 8

    1997 was my first trip for our honeymoon. Although I knew it was going to be the "castle cake" I missed not seeing the real thing. Gave me another good reason to return! Got hooked on that first trip "cake" or not.
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