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  1. PopPopBear

    Describe your first trip to WDW. How old were you? What year was it?

    My first trip to WDW was in 1976. I was six. I went with my granddaddy, step grandmother (called her Nanny), step aunt (13), and step uncle (9). We drove all night from north of Atlanta and stayed off property. The ride memories that stand out the most are of the Tiki Room, It's a Small World...
  2. PopPopBear

    Trip Report Am I sweating, or am I still wet from the rain? Solo June 2019!

    No good deed goes unpunished, huh? Enjoying your report. :)
  3. PopPopBear

    Trip Report Marriage is a DREAM!

    I have had my fair share of Grand Marnier Souffles. They are soooo good!!!
  4. PopPopBear

    Trip Report **COMPLETED** The 4 M's Go to Disney: a 4th of July Extravaganza

    Happy to read another of your trip reports. Love all the pics. I like your Sam Eagle shirt. It's a close running for me between him and Fozzy on my favorite Muppets.
  5. PopPopBear

    Snacks to try

    The Philly Cheese Steak eggrolls in Adventureland are a must for me.
  6. PopPopBear

    Transatlantic, boring?

    My wife and I were on this same cruise. We enjoyed the consecutive sea days. Plenty of entertainment to keep us busy but also enough downtime to relax. Best of both worlds really!
  7. PopPopBear

    Revisiting Super Bowl 34 Halftime Show

    Or never in my case. :)
  8. PopPopBear

    Revisiting Super Bowl 34 Halftime Show

    Super Bowl halftime shows have turned into nothing other than a publicity stunt. The length of the halftime is much longer than teams are accustomed to and certainly effects the rhythm of the game. Why during the biggest game of each season would the league want this?! As always follow the $$$...
  9. PopPopBear

    How long will you enjoy theme parks, or how long DID you enjoy the rides?

    I will be 50 early next year and still enjoy the parks and all they have to offer. Children are grown so wife and I do not tour the parks in the same style as we did some years ago with the family in tow. Much more laid back approach is the style now. We have done more than several of the...
  10. PopPopBear

    Memories of your first visit to WDW.

    Summer of 1977 (aged 7) with my granddaddy, his second wife (called her Nanny) and their two children. That technically makes them an aunt and uncle although they were only 6 and 3 three years older than I was. I remember we drove all night from Atlanta area and got to Orlando early in the...
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    My wife and I also love a good t-shirt. We wore these to WDW several years ago. Best reaction was from a CM when we were coming off of Test Track. He got a good laugh but he had to explain them to his co-worker. Who, by the way, was one of them millenials. :cool:
  12. PopPopBear

    Trip Report The Stalker Surfaces - A First Report for a Long Time Creeper Feb 2019!

    Enjoyed your trip report. What a great way to celebrate your guys' engagement!
  13. PopPopBear

    Trip Report First Time to Disneyland Paris *Completed*

    My wife and I have plans to visit DLP next May for three nights/four days before our ABD Rhine River Cruise. I will be following your report to pick up any pointers.
  14. PopPopBear


    Same here with our three. They are all grown (late 20's and one who is 30) and "better" things to do I suppose. o_O Will try to keep the tradition going with our grandchildren (3, 5). Took them and their mother to WDW in April. They have been to DL as well so there's that. Much easier traveling...
  15. PopPopBear

    Trip Report **COMPLETED** A (Love) Bug's Life

    Love this tasty dessert!! Enjoying your trip report.
  16. PopPopBear

    Why are some people snobby and poke fun at people who vacation at Disney?

    Same here. It doesn't bother me but does get old hearing it over and over again. In addition to Disney vacations my wife and I also love to cruise so our vacations generally involve one or the other, sometimes both. Back in my younger days (not too long ago ;)) when we were in a different income...
  17. PopPopBear

    Pre-Trip Going out in style with the Orlando Mouse: A BBFN SnT PTR

    He's really the best, IMO. Did the rubber chicken make an appearance on your trip? It didn't, that I know of anyway. I didn't know he uses that as a prop. I did ask him how he enjoyed Disneyland Paris as he kept reminding those on the Fantasy last spring of his plans to visit there during the...
  18. PopPopBear

    Pre-Trip Going out in style with the Orlando Mouse: A BBFN SnT PTR

    #tonyfromspain is the best!! Was on the Dream earlier this month. He is still full of his usual antics which the wife and I love even if at our expense from time to time.
  19. PopPopBear

    Worst Walt Disney World Attraction

    Whaaat?! All the hokey, corny jokes are great!! To me anyway I suppose. :D
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