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  1. Eckert

    Fast & Furious- Supercharged details officially released

    As opposed to the thousands of temporary help college students who show up every couple of months who are overworked and not invested?
  2. Eckert

    Fast & Furious- Supercharged details officially released

    I've always thought the launch should've been first and the drop at the end. The first scene builds up so much expectation right off the bat that...
  3. Eckert

    Universals New Nighttime Show

    I live two blocks from Universal and I've heard the bass from some concerts that happen during Mardi Gras. I also used to hear the pops from the fireworks that they used to have with Cinematic Spectacular. This noise ordinance thing is very much real.
  4. Eckert

    Dumbo & Main Street Updates

    Any updates on Main Street? I'll be visiting the first week of March and while I've been before and won't be offended if it's still being worked on, I'd definitely love to have it back to normal. How long does this really need?
  5. Eckert

    'Star Wars Galactic Nights' returning for a second installment in December 2017

    I saw and was SO happy. I was visiting the park today for the last day before blockouts and was treated to this. What a great show.
  6. Eckert

    'Star Wars Galactic Nights' returning for a second installment in December 2017

    We better be getting that Star Wars show once Jingle Bell Jingle BLEH is over. The Star Wars show is easily one of the best fireworks/projection shows Disney has put on in a while.
  7. Eckert

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Spoilered response:
  8. Eckert

    New nighttime show 'Rivers of Light' confirmed to be coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom

    I've been saying it since the beginning, but I sincerely think fire was going play a much bigger part in the show and was cut out for whatever reason. In the opening introduction the speaker says "bla bla bla a celebration of water...and light". It always sounded like an unnatural pause that...
  9. Eckert

    Spider-Man Ride Patent for DLR

    At least they decency and knowledge to turn their flash off.
  10. Eckert

    AVATAR land - the specifics

    ...and PRESIDENCY! begin thread derailment now
  11. Eckert

    Grand Avenue and Baseline Tap House

    They do mixed drinks on tap at The Polite Pig and Disney Springs and they seemed pretty well received.
  12. Eckert

    Na'vi River Journey reviews, comments and questions

    Aren't we the elite of guns and beer? What's more American than that?!
  13. Eckert

    New 'Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour' now available to book at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Would you guys be okay with these extra upcharge opportunities if it were to increase the pay rate of their Cast Members?
  14. Eckert

    What Will Happen To Star Wars Launch Bay When Star Wars Land Opens

    I totally agree, I think that Monstropolis could have the potential to be great, but I don't think it warrants the removal of Rockin' Roller Coaster like that picture suggested. I'd love for Monstropolis and Ride and Go Seek could fit in the Animation Courtyard just right! (RIP Mermaid)
  15. Eckert

    When another Guest ruins an experience/attraction for you

    I know that was a big complaint and they have since changed that, thankfully. My story comes from Pixar Live...there was a family taking up the two rows in front of me who had no respect for the performers or anyone else around them. Throughout the entire show they were talking among themselves...
  16. Eckert

    Grand Avenue and Baseline Tap House

    Do we know if it even will?
  17. Eckert

    Grand Avenue and Baseline Tap House

    It never occurred to me how unsightly the back of those facades have always been...I'm always gonna miss Streets of America, but it's good to know that I don't mind losing things if Disney will provide a better alternative. New LA area looks promising!
  18. Eckert

    Volcano Bay

    Is anyone surprised? I think we could all pull up the list of things that they said would happen one way and actually happened another. "No long lines" - Volcano Bay, 2017
  19. Eckert

    Volcano Bay

    Sweet, sweet, revenge. I would've scooped up handfuls of sand to build my sand castle and "accidentally" drop em in her purse. One thing I've noticed in general at VB compared to Universal and Islands is in the crowds...the people are much nastier and wilder. It's plain to see that the price...
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