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  1. Sloan

    Epcot NYE

    I've done NYE at Epcot once - quite an experience. We did not dine at Tokyo Dining that night, (I think we did Le Cellier) but that seems like a really good idea. There's probably something good going on at the American Gardens Stage for NYE (there was that night), so you'll be in a prime...
  2. Sloan

    Favorite food no longer sold

    Oak grilled filet mignon with 4 cheese mac-and-cheese at Jiko - I almost always order something more 'adventurous' there, but when my former wife & I went there all the time, she always got it, and could never finish it, so I had it a lot - so good. I heard rumor that it came back mid-year this...
  3. Sloan

    Recent promos suggest Disney restaurants are in trouble - why?

    No, the quality there is still exceptional and I did not mean to suggest otherwise, however they no longer accept the TiW discount, and that was my point. I have not been back since Chef Hunnel was promoted to Executive Chef of the Grand Floridian.
  4. Sloan

    Recent promos suggest Disney restaurants are in trouble - why?

    I am guessing that, in part, it is because they have lost business from people like me. I am a Florida resident. For about 15 years, I always had an annual pass and a Disney Dining / Tables in Wonderland membership. I would visit several times a year, for visits of 3 to 6 days. I would...
  5. Sloan

    Which is better/more romantic?

    I would suggest saving a visit to the Chef's Table for another occasion. I suspect you want the focus for this visit to be on the anniversary rather than the preparation of the food and activity of the kitchen. As you may already know, it is best to avoid a seat / table directly under the...
  6. Sloan

    Traveling alone??

    I've made a bunch of solo trips and have absolutely loved it! The freedom to do whatever you choose at your own pace is fantastic. I'd never realized how great the single rider lines can be too. Note that dining alone has been better than I would have anticipated. You may be surprised who...
  7. Sloan

    How Many Days for You? Part 11

    Three (3) days!!!
  8. Sloan

    Your Opinion Needed

    You might want to try Keen and/or OluKai. Note, however, that because everyone's feet are different, they may not be right for you. I would suggest that whatever you decide on, get them well in advance and break them in to make sure that they'll be good at the World ...
  9. Sloan

    Kingdom Konsultants - Which Agent?

    Everyone at Kingdom Konsultants has been great, though I don't recall having worked directly with Marie or Heather. Elizabeth has done a fantastic job assisting me with my upcoming trip. She has gone above-and-beyond for me on prior trips as well.
  10. Sloan

    Best Disney tip you ever got!

    January will be a great time for a first visit for you kdl121 - and coming from Canada, the weather should be fine by your standards! (and you might be amused to see Floridians and others from the South all bundled up against the 'cold').
  11. Sloan

    So be honest...

    Never - I do not even leave the property .... (and I'm always there with my own car too ...)
  12. Sloan

    Food and Wine so

    While I know that most guests consider the food booths around World Showcase to be the Food & Wine Festival, I've found that the only way to really keep enjoying it is to experience as many of the special events as possible. The "hard ticket" events like Party for the Senses, the Signature...
  13. Sloan

    What restaurant has the best theme/atmosphere???

    Jiko, Coral Reef and San Angel
  14. Sloan

    Anywhere to buy bottles of wine at WDW?

    There is also a nice selection of wine at the Zawadi Marketplace, the gift shop of the Jambo House (Animal Kingdom Lodge). deanandrich is absolutely correct though - take your own corkscrew - finding one of those is much more challenging that finding the wine ....
  15. Sloan

    The Worst Torture....

    I had to cancel a trip less than 24 hours before I was supposed to arrive, as I had to prepare for an arbitration that was set at the last minute! I'd already 'checked in' on-line, and had to cancel that and a bunch of dining reservations (Jiko, Cali. Grill, Citricos ...) It was terrible, but...
  16. Sloan

    I Feel Like A Kid Again

    I'm a 44 year old guy who often goes alone, and I feel (and act) like a kid at the parks all the time. I think a huge part of this is because it does bring back so many childhood memories / feelings for me, since I've been going to WDW since childhood. I've vowed to continue taking any women...
  17. Sloan

    Thoughts on my 10 year anniversary with WDW Magic:

    Today is the ten year anniversary of my membership at WDW Magic! First, my thanks to the WDW Magic staff, and all of you other Members, for 10 years of fun and enjoyment courtesy of this site. This really is a great resource for those of us who love Disney, and a great way for us to share our...
  18. Sloan

    Tell me about food and wine festival!

    The Food & Wine Festival is much, much more than just the food booths around World Showcase, however it takes significant planning to really enjoy all that the Festival has to offer. There are many "hard-ticket" events during the Festival. Everything from special seminars, tastings, Siganture...
  19. Sloan

    Don't you ever get sick of the Dis Food after a couple days?

    Candidly, no, that never happens to me. I find that there is so much variety that I never get tired of my Disney dining. I make sure my ADR's will include different offerings: I'll do something like Cali. Grill one night for sushi, flatbreads, etc., Jiko the next for meats like ostrich & wild...
  20. Sloan

    Do you have a favorite area?

    I have several. These area actually some of the World's biggest draws for me (along with the food ;)) Animal Kingdom Lodge - The rocking chairs by the fire pits - the one in the grand lobby, and the one just outside (at night). Port Orleans, Riverside: The pedestrian bridge to the north of...
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