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    CM Discount on Annual Passes? (As of 2024)

    Trying to get some current info on whether Company D or Cast Connections offers CMs discounts on Annual Passes for family. Would they be able to get them on the annual passes for Florida residents?
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    Poll: Is Galaxy’s Edge Great(and a success)?

    POSITIVE: ROTR is GREAT. I think we can all appreciate it. Personally, I find Vader to be a far better character, but fine...Kylo...still a very fun experience with plenty of elements any Star Wars fan can appreciate. MEDIUM: FALCON: Looks really cool, but been there-done that. Star Tours was...
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    Poll: Is Galaxy’s Edge Great(and a success)?

    Haha! I remember this when IOA was being built. It was really exciting to see just from the highway! Actually, the Jurassic Park preview center was better than the actual park area in the early days. They did such a great job there.
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    WDW Picture of the Day (Signs from Around the World)

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    Great news about skyliner....good bye to an annoyance..

    AGREED! With the crowd levels at the parks being way beyond (which still is better than DL's wall of people), having a few minutes to escape is great. NOTE ALSO that we NEVER had other stuffed in our skyline that used to be at MK!
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    Great news about skyliner....good bye to an annoyance..

    I liked that that gondolas were also a quick escape from others. I don't know that I'll use them if they're squishing other people in there. UGHHHHH! :-(
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    Video games that feel like Disney lands/attractions

    Disney Magic Kingdom Map for Minecraft is actually new! It lets you ride the rides and listen to the music. As for old, WDW Explorer is missing from the above. I suppose it's less of a playable game, but it's definitely fun.
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    Why do they keep teasing dreamfinder?

    WHAT!? All the speculation above is way off! HERE'S why the Dreamfinder hasn't returned so far! Happy Holiday's y'al!🎄 Dreamfinder Accused of Stealing
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    News Nightmare Scenario Unfolds for Disneyland Passholders as Reservations Disappear

    Curious - where are you seeing this? I got in a few days ago and, while next week is booked, the week after is mostly open.
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    Journey Into Imagination With Figment To Be Replaced With An Inside Out Attraction?

    1000% 👍🏻 It was disappointing when they went with Nigel and almost no sign of Figment. When people were upset with the lack of Figment, EPCOT ended up with Figment overload....stuck in every possible corner. For the love of creativity, can't we just get an updated story based on the original...
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    Fully Immersive Lands...Are They Played Out Already?

    I'm pretty sociable and still agree with you on this. I like to feel immersed in the environment and see ingenious ways ways to bring in the magic, but I don't want to have to play make-believe when I'm at a theme park. I think it's great for kids...and I'm sure many adults enjoy it...just not...
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