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    Number 1 resort

    Beach Club. Best pool in Disney World. Walk, boat or Skyliner to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. If you can get the kids to leave the pool to go to the park you'll be lucky.
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    Big River Grille and Brewing Works to close at Walt Disney World

    Some of the worst food I've eaten in DisneyWorld.
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    My Magic Kingdom trip report (Sept. 2023), comparisons to Universal, and why the Genie+ is not necessary

    If you stay at one of Universal's premier hotels - Hard Rock, Portofino or Royal Pacific then your room key is your fast pass to skip the lines on most of the rides. You can but this 'express pass' as an add on but for a family of four the pass more than pays for the extra cost of the hotels...
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    Is the future bleak for Disneyworld, Disneyland, etc?

    Until Iger understands who his customer is then Disney will continue to decline. Appeal to 1% of the population and you will lose 99%. That seems to be Disney's current course. Disney's customers want to be entertained NOT groomed.
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    Disney World needs major updating

    Just returned from a trip to Universal - Hard Rock Hotel. Service was just like Disney used to be. After attending the Luau at the Royal Pacific we were so tired after a long day - very short distance so taxis did not want to do a short journey - instead we got a ride from the bell hop in...
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    Is Chef Mickey's worth is for a buffet dinner?

    No. It is loud, crowded with really bad food. The characters move through so quickly you will miss them if you go to the buffet. Only worse buffet is Hollywood and Vine. Tusker House is so much better for characters and for food Boma.
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    Dining Reservations right before closing time

    I would take the transport back to your hotel into consideration unless you are staying in hotels at these sites.
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    Guests visiting people staying onsite???

    If your hotel is YC/BC where you need to be registered to go to the pool then they can't join you there. They can park in the lot and join you for a meal. When we did this our family gave the dining reservation and they were admitted with no problem. When certain pools are designated for the...
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    First time doing a split stay. Question about moving day.

    Why not get Bell Services to move your bags? However it can be a while before they reach your second hotel - you can never be sure.
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    Favorite Breakfast

    That one is underated. When we went the server brought refills of the muffins and anything else the kids wanted. It appeared from the menu to be pretty sparse but was - for us - all you can eat. Kids loved it and then on the way out played giant chess.
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    Hollywood Studios vs Islands of Adventure

    If you stay in one of Universal's premier hotels - all extremely nice and cheaper than Disney's higher end hotels - you will be able to just walk onto the rides. No limit, no extra cost which makes Universal a great value.
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    News Disney World Cast Member unions to begin week of negotiations for wage increases, healthcare costs and more

    Low morale? Sounds like these rude employees need to find another place to work. They are working at Disney because they do not have the skills for better jobs. Under Chapek they were catered to although they do not provide the revenue like the guests do. If you can't handle a service job, can't...
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    Walt Disney World Vacation Affordability Survey

    I would add yes/no answer to 'Are you a Florida resident'? Important because you are then able to visit for special events.
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    Can I Come Back to the Parks?

    It was under Iger that the march to 'woke' started. Out of the frying pan into the fire!
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    TopoLino’s Breakfast

    Went with my grandsons and we got refills on the pastry platter - specific to requests. The kids also got refills on the breakfast platter. You will not go hungry.
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    Disney CMs calling guests " Friends"?

    It is the new Disney 'wokeness'. No longer are there boys and girls, men and women - just friends.
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    Is Disney minus magic still Disney?

    We first went to Disney in 1986. My son would save all year to have money for souvenirs. We were DVC, Annual Passholders and Florida residents and went a couple of times a year. When we had grandkids we took them to see the 'magic'. However it has been several years since there was 'magic'. The...
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    No skyliner at AoA

    Just an FYI. If there is any sign of a thunderstorm the sky liner does not run. After the all clear they have to run a whole loop which takes approx 1 hour. it rains a lot in Florida and we have storms all the time. We had to return to our hotel by bus on such an occasion and the wait was long...
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    Is the integration of digital technology within Walt Disney World impacting the experience of those with limited digital capabilities?

    Also if you are in certain rooms in the resorts the internet connection is extremely bad. Have spent many an early morning on the balcony trying to get a solid connection. Disney should invest in a better wifi for the property.
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    Priciest Place on Earth

    We were Annual Pass holders, DVC members and visited at least once or twice a year for 35 years until Disney took the opportunity provided by Covid to greatly reduce the value and increase the prices - charging for things that were at one time free perks for Passholders and DVC members. When you...
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