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  1. Furiated

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    How does filling this seat work in Shanghai? Is it only filled with people specifically waiting for it? Or do they put anyone in there if no one is waiting for it? I don't want to wait in line for Tron expecting a bike seat and get seated in that instead.
  2. Furiated

    New Enhancements, Dining Options Coming to Disney’s BoardWalk

    To me, this is the bigger crime here (though all the comments about the bland decor are 100% correct). Let me grab a hot breakfast sandwich here instead of having to trek down to the Deli.
  3. Furiated

    Fantasmic Reopening Watch

    Got here around 6:40, they're announcing that only limited view seats are left. I'm up in the bleachers in the back.
  4. Furiated

    News 2023 EPCOT Festival of the Arts

    I don't understand why they're so determined to purposefully avoid both Marathon Weekend and Princess Weekend. Would it be so bad to let runners attend this? It's not like an overlap would have such insane crowds that it's not feasible.
  5. Furiated

    MagicBand+ announced

    It was doing the blank credit card thing for me this morning. I hit back and then back to checkout and it loaded initially then failed. Hit back and went back in a third time and it worked.
  6. Furiated

    Galaxies Edge Updates Thread

    I wish I could like this post more than once. I also feel bad for Vi. Nobody ever reacts because nobody knows who she is. Why not at least work her into the RotR preshow or something to introduce her to people?
  7. Furiated

    MagicBand+ announced

    That was exactly it with GwtS. In the promotional video, the whole crowd has it and they look amazing. But for the initial rollout, the ears were larger than regular ears and not very comfy, and way more expensive. If they had made it like an add on you could add to any ears and made it smaller...
  8. Furiated

    MagicBand+ announced

    I like stuff like this. If you want to make the argument that before investing in MB+ they should fix the Yeti, add capacity to the parks, hire more staff, etc, then I'm with you.
  9. Furiated

    MagicBand+ announced

    Yes and no. When Glow with the Show debuted, it was just ears. So you literally never saw the effects from your own device, because they were on your head. They expanded to add stuff like wands and gloves, so even if no one around you had GwtS devices, you could still see your own items...
  10. Furiated

    Galaxies Edge Updates Thread

    I'm still amazed that they aren't abandoning the stupid timeline thing faster after seeing how much guests love seeing all the different characters walking around Avengers Campus and not caring about timelines there.
  11. Furiated

    MagicBand+ announced

    While I definitely get your point, the idea is that if enough people have these, you won't have to look at your arm, you'll see the extra lighting effects all through the crowd. That was the idea behind the Glow with the Show items at Disneyland, which I loved. Only problem is getting enough...
  12. Furiated

    News Another Fight at Magic Kingdom

    The story on the site that shall not be named is: Non matching shirts group got in line but one member forgot their phone in a stroller and exited the line to get it. When rejoining the line, matching shirts group wouldn't let the person pass. After the attraction, matching shirts group was...
  13. Furiated

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I'm actually wondering about the opposite. Do they direct anyone/random people to the traditional seats, or are they just for people that request them. I want the bike seat 100% of the time. I'd be ed if I waited in line/snagged a boarding group/bought an ILL and was directed to one of the...
  14. Furiated

    MagicBand+ announced

    I thought I saw somewhere that they would be available as pre-arrival selections, but they aren't showing on the site just yet. Edit: Confirmed above
  15. Furiated

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    I think he was asking because both the Cornish Pixies and the Centaur are indeed on Hagrids. Ah, I see you made an edit.
  16. Furiated

    Reservation expansion

    So wait, as an AP, can I have my regular Park Pass for DHS AND a 12pm Afternoon Entry to Epcot on the same day, allowing me to park hop before 2pm?
  17. Furiated

    Fight over Disney fireworks show leaves woman suffering from a brain bleed. Happened on May 9th, finally was resolved.

    As someone lucky enough to have been to TDR multiple times, this is incorrect. It's actually quite the opposite, the nighttime spectacular is VERY castle centric as their fireworks show is an afterthought that nobody cares about (it's a short tiny thing done where people in both parks can see)...
  18. Furiated

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    The backwards part on Everest gets me shook up a bit. Enough that I know not to try back to back rides. I got to do 3 rides in GotG during the DVC preview. Ride 1 was fine. No real issues but I could tell that back to back rides might mess me up. Still did it anyways because of the opportunity...
  19. Furiated

    Disney Genie and Genie+ at Walt Disney World

    Not trying to defend the horrible Park Pass system but, this isn't true, right? You can look at the Park Pass availability calendar anytime. So you could look at your dates before committing to buying tickets.
  20. Furiated

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind Virtual Queue and Lightning Lane status

    My previous method in the RotR days was to use pull down to refresh. I'd pull down but not let go. I'd be watching my Apple Watch for the time and I'd let go of the pull down so that it would hit exactly at 7. Then just keep clicking at the bottom of the screen, don't read anything, just go. Had...
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