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    Mass management layoffs at Domestic parks

    I Am always a fan of bringing in "fresh ideas" younger people. But when it comes to disney, I think that we go for different reasons. Charm, something that is comfortable, sure new attractions are great. We love that stuff. As long as we still have COP,SSE,World showcase etc. I worry that a...
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    Disney Bankrupt

    Blasphemy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Best surprise at WDW

    My best experiance took place some time ago. My son was eight, 1989. It was christmas, Christmas morning we woke up and over night the resort was transformed. The whole place top to bottom was decorated like nothing I had seen before. Heard all the stories, but never in my life could I have...
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    Dining Suggestions

    Honestly, $200 bucks wont last you two days in Disney, unless you do all counter services. If you want to eat at some of the better resturants, you should put that money towards the cost of all of you getting the dining plan.
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    Seen American Idol? Leave us your review

    I seen it in late jan. I thought it was pretty good. Scale of 1-10 about a 7 1/2 or 8. The set was done real well. Judges were not that bad. Keep it all in context. The best part of the attraction is the singers.There were some decent performers. And isnt that the point. American Idol has alot...
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    Which room at POR?

    I just returned last week. I stayed at POR. We had room 1414. Was absolutely wonderful. We were extremely close to the food court and had a water view. I loved the room. The only negative I had about the resort, was that the person that had the job of keeping the beverage Island, didnt keep it...
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    Dining Plan

    I think what was failed to be mentioned is that some of the charecter meals require two TS, I would highly recommend doing these options with this many children. That said, the delux plan is an enormous amount of food. If you intend to do alot of these shows it will work for you. I STRONGLY...
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    Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show

    Just got home today, Seen the Spirit show a couple of days ago. Second time we have seen it. We love it. From where you are sitting you wont have a problem. We had food on our table as long as we wanted it. We ate till we couldnt eat anymore. The staff was wonderful, We had seats front center. I...
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    What would be your next Disney resort idea?????

    Disneygirl76, Thats a wonderful idea.
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    How Many More Days For You (Part 3)

    :wave:Well, I am leaveing for WDW in the morning, I really havnt slept that well this past week. We had to put down my girlfriends cat yesterday (she had her 14 yrs) and needless to say its been stressful.:( I dont think there are many people who could use 9 days in "The worlds Happiest...
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    It's a CoP Secret!

    I absolutely love this attraction. Call me corny if you will but this attraction was one of Walts "babies" He was very proud of it. There are three attractions at WDW that make me very proud to be an american. Its this one, American experiance and of course Hall of Presidents. These attraction...
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    Favorite Pleasure Island drink?

    Geeeeeeezzz, We always got the bucket full of alcohol. We had a name for it. This is a family web site so I can not repeat what we called it. But it rhymes with bucket...... we called it the F@#&*$t bucket. Drink one of these and you say....well you get the idea.
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    Delux dining plan

    Thank you all so much. And yes there are certian times a year they offer cm's a discount on the dining plan. The room and dining plan are allready paid for. Thought it through, and wouldnt matter much. Our trip is for next week and dont think I could get ressies for any of the restraunts that...
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    Delux dining plan

    I have the privlage of having a mother who is a cm, I am going to wdw next week and was wondering if cm's can get a discount on the delux dining plan? We already have the basic plan, can we upgrade?
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    How Many More Days For You (Part 3)

    7 DAYS AND COUNTING...Wooooooo whoooooo!!!!!!!!!!
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    I complained....and I actualy got satisfaction.

    I didnt read every single response to the original post, didnt have to. I got the tone. I think most of you are being way to tough on the poster. I think you all are missing the point. They spent alot of money and didnt feel they were getting their monies worth. All of you feel the same way. Its...
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    Just wondered what state you are from. I live in Maryland and we are the home of the crab...

    Just wondered what state you are from. I live in Maryland and we are the home of the crab cake...ever been here?
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    Where would you be right now?

    XODISNEYBELLEOX....There is just something about a lady in ears........ We love POP.....we are arriving the 22nd.....The butterflies have started for me a week ago. I just cant wait. I still think its the greatest place on earth.... Where would I be right now? Watching Bob the piano man at...
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    Advice for Trip with First-Timer

    Absolutely go for the dining plan, POR can be quite romantic. The DDP takes alot of stress out of the trip. And if you are like most of us, we spend little time at the resort. With the DDP you can still plan a nice dinner at the few resturants that has alreadt been mentioned. We like CR at...
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    How Many More Days For You (Part 3)

    Thirteen days to go......I can hardly wait. My twelth time. And while I am at it, I have been thinking. I know there are some serious wdw fans here. But what I cant understand why so judgemental about the resort? I wonder if those fans understand the current econmic times we are haveing...
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