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  1. stingrock23

    News Bob Iger talks about attendance declines, ticket pricing, the feud with Ron DeSantis, and his huge optimism for Disney Parks and Resorts

    He’s clearly lying. Wdw has relied on guest nostalgia to keep going to the parks despite them reducing value for increased prices. I don’t mind paying a higher price for good value but this isn’t the disney company from yesteryear that focused on the guest experience and ride capacity. All the...
  2. stingrock23

    News TRON Lightcycle Run Virtual Queue and Lighting Lane status

    Just trying to verify. I’m going to halloween party on 11/1. As of now virtual queue opens at 6? This is my only mk day on my trip so just trying to be prepped for this. Really ridiculous that it’s a virtual queue for ticketed event. Should be open to all. I don’t mind waiting in line.
  3. stingrock23

    Mickey's Not So Scary

    Thanks for the info.
  4. stingrock23

    Mickey's Not So Scary

    Anyone know when DVC-discounted Mickey's Not So Scary tickets usually go on sale?
  5. stingrock23

    Help with Universal Vacation!

    Definitely take advantage of on site early entry.
  6. stingrock23

    Trip Report Disappointed!

    Even when it's not F&W, people go to Epcot to drink around the world. Epcot has always been a more "mature" park. The key to the crowd issue is to avoid the weekends. Just got back from a trip and did F&W during the week and it wasn't crowded or full of obnoxious drunk groups. I had a great time...
  7. stingrock23

    Another MK smoking area goes up in smoke

    Each time a ban takes place, most smokers do follow the rules without issue. It may not be a good habit, but it is a choice people make. The smoking areas now are out of the way, so I don't get all the attitude to completely remove them. There's plenty of space to go around the smoking sections...
  8. stingrock23

    Disney and Universal: Two very different paths

    The key takeaway for me is that while I will always spend time at both resorts when I come down to Orlando, recently I've been liking Universal more because I see that their money is being spent on quality attractions that I can experience, while Disney seems to be stuck in neutral. I'll never...
  9. stingrock23

    Spirited News & Observations II -- NGE/Baxter

    I think we all have hope, but it doesn't look like the Disney execs see that yet. Each time I go to Orlando, I edge closer and closer to wanting to spend my $ at Universal instead. I still go to both, but can see that Uni is investing in attractions, while Disney is investing in a system. just...
  10. stingrock23

    Adult trip alone value or moderate?

    I'd say a moderate just so you can spend more time there. If you're planning to do more things, the room shouldn't matter.
  11. stingrock23

    Harry Potter IS making a difference!!

    I'm just glad this is getting people in the door. I've been spending 1-2 days at Universal every trip since 1996, and it just boggles my mind that some of you won't step foot on that property. Yes, we're all Disney fans at heart, and that's how our theme park obsession started, but why limit...
  12. stingrock23

    Dec 30, 2010 Update on 40th merchandise in Emporium with Photos!

    eh, it just looks like current random merch. Even though it's the 40th anniversary, that's nothing special. Give me some merch with old school logos, then Disney will be getting my money. It's so easy, I don't understand how they can't be throwing out the retro merchandise all the time...
  13. stingrock23

    Are you ready for some football???

    OK, it's just about playoff time. the matchups are set, although it's amazing Seattle or St. Louis gets a playoff spot. No matter, the Saints will destroy either team. time for the big time players to step up. wdwdonkey style!
  14. stingrock23

    EPCOT Center shirts galore

    Thanks for that update, I really want that green one.
  15. stingrock23

    Saratoga Question

    There definitely aren't as many options as some of the normal resorts. Although there are a decent number of things you can get to bring back and cook in your room.
  16. stingrock23

    Is Getting There Half The Fun?

    Always. I have a 10 hour drive, but it doesn't seem that long. Pending traffic, I can make it there in 9 hours. It's just a slow build to a great vacation for me.
  17. stingrock23

    Survivor: Fan VS Favorites!

    this makes me not even want to watch the finale Sunday. Just so stupid
  18. stingrock23

    Your Favorite music from an attraction

    One Little Spark, the queue music from Mr. Toad, and the Space Mountain tunnel music.
  19. stingrock23

    Epcot 25 Years Gallery

    Those were some awesome pics.
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