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  1. tink81

    Anyone know if "Food Rocks" or "Kitchen Kabaret" will come back?

    Ahhhh, Bonnie Apetit...and her serenading friends... It's nice to dine with fruits and veeeegetaaaabllleesss!
  2. tink81

    Epcot Beer Tour

    WOOO HOOO! I have been saying this for years! I am a PA girl and around here we just call it "lager." You know you're home when you can just tell the bartender you want a lager. They sell Yuengling at AK and a few other places around the World. Yuengling just (and I mean withint the last 2...
  3. tink81

    Does anyone else think this is funny?

    UUUgh :rolleyes: ...yet another shining example of the growing entitlement epidemic in this country. "I have to be the fastest and get there first and if I need to run you over to get where I want to go, then so be it." Seriously. I bet she honks her car horn when traffic is stopped for an...
  4. tink81

    Start Dieting for WDW trip PART II

    Lost 4 lbs in 3 weeks (I don't lose weight easily :cry: ) and still goin...
  5. tink81

    Start Dieting for WDW trip PART II

    If you have access to a gym, use the eliptical machines instead of teh treadmills. Elipticals practically eliminate the impact on your joints and (I think) are more enjoyable. Also, gyms with Tvs are god-send; you would be suprised how fast the time flies when you are watching an hour and half...
  6. tink81

    Superstar TV

    Not sure about current or future plans for the building, but the "room" you can see as you walk by is the pre-show area and it was always open-air. This is where the CMs pick the "stars" for the actual show.
  7. tink81

    Famous faces at WDW

    um, what does egnolandged, or whatever, mean? Oh, wait, got it....acknowledged
  8. tink81

    Who else does not buy souvenirs?

    My weakness is in the shops at the World Showcase... I've bought two rings at Japan, earrings and a fan at China, tea at Great Britan and I almost bought a necklace at Morrocco ($295). BF and I are usually very selective in what we buy and we usually wait until near the end of our trip to...
  9. tink81

    Start Dieting for WDW trip PART II

    South Beach does implement the principles of the glycemic index in Phases 2 and's just getting through Phase 1 that is hard. Phase 1 is two weeks of no carbs, sugar or caffeine. You can only eat green vegetables and yogurt (which is one of my favorite snacks) is out. The book goes into...
  10. tink81

    Start Dieting for WDW trip PART II

    I am on day 8 of the 14 day Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet. I did this a few years ago and found it the only sane way to lose weight and not starve. I am more focused on the summer/bathing suit season as opposed to my trip to Disney in December, but I will join in! Started out on 3/30 at...
  11. tink81

    Cheaper for UK than US visitors

    The packages Disney offers to our friends in the UK and Canada may be a bit cheaper right now, but the cost of airfare for them is substantially greater. PLUS they have to fool around with US Customs and whatnot when they arrive at MCO, and when they get back to their respective countries, so...
  12. tink81

    DVC and Free Dining

    Do you frequent Victoria & Albert's?
  13. tink81

    WDW May 2007

    I don't have InDesign (yet) I still do my stuff in Quark, which really is OK for right now.
  14. tink81

    Your opinion: Best food & snacks in WDW

    Best Dessert- raspberry sorbet at CRT Best Steak- Le Cellier Best Atmosphere- Coral Reef Best Snack- Dole Whip
  15. tink81

    WDW May 2007

    Adobe PDF Conference 2007....looks like kind of a big deal...Al Gore, Marissa Mayer(Google), and Marty Sklar are Keynote speakers. It's two (or 4 depending on which registration package you coose) days of workshops and seminars on Adobe prgrams like Acrobat, Photoshop, etc.
  16. tink81

    Arguement in the parking lot

    Ugh, :rolleyes: what would compel someone to be such a ________ to a complete stranger? Furthermore, why do people enjoy talking about American/British foreign policy while on vacation in Disney World? Every trip since 2003 has been marred with nasty comments from both sides of the pond in the...
  17. tink81

    WDW May 2007

    I am waiting to get approval to go to a conference from May 8-11 at Coronado Springs, here's hopin' the boss opens up the coffers and permits me to go!!!! I need a Disney fix- my next trip isn't until Decemeber!
  18. tink81

    Cinderella's Royal Table

    We did dinner in Sept (me-25 BF-30) and we loved it. We are not early risers and we don't typically like sit downs in the middle of the day, so dinner was the perfect option. Our steaks we perfect and the rasberry sorbet was the dessert of the trip! When you go for dinner, you get your picture...
  19. tink81

    Spending money

    I would budget about $50 a day for trinkets and extra drinks (or take a Brita water bottle and fill it up at the water fountains around the parks). Since you have the dining plan (way to go!) may I offer this suggestion: don't waste a snack option on a drink. If you look at all the options for...
  20. tink81

    Free Dining Rumor

    I honestly don't think Jimbo meant to offend. I think he was saying that Disney would look at the free dining (which would be about $100/day for a family of 4) as enough of a discount and allow double-dipping with the room portion discount. You will get attitude from other members here, but...
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