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  1. MJCota

    Elsa and Anna

    You can't use the disability pass for meet and greets. We had it for our son and they told us from the beginning its only for rides :) Good luck, I hope your children get to meet them. We were there in April, the weekend they moved them to Magic Kingdom and at 10 am there was a 4 hour wait to...
  2. MJCota

    Help with Jedi Training

    Good luck, we ran right over to it and the line was wrapped around the building so we didn't bother trying to sign up. We didn't have EMH that day and I guess everyone in our hotel decided to go to HS that day too. Our busy from AKL was running beyond so it could be another reason. Just go...
  3. MJCota

    Trip Report A trip to remember..from the hotel room, mostly!

    Thank you everyone. I tried to make the best of a pretty sucky situation :) No need to fuss over something out of my control, right? We love AKL so it was like being at home and being sick! I'm still recovering from the flu but we discussed returning in 2 years. I cannot wait to book and start...
  4. MJCota

    Fast pass for toy story or rockin roller coaster?

    I'd get the FPP for Toy story and just wait in line at RNRR. The toy story line was a good 2 hours when we were there last week, so I just switched my FPP I had for RNRR to toy story. We waited in line for the RNRR for a whole 30 minutes, that's the longest wait it had all day (I kept checking...
  5. MJCota

    Trip Report A trip to remember..from the hotel room, mostly!

    Well we just returned from our wonderful trip to Disney. April 19th - We arrived a day early so got a room at Pop Century and it was great. We swam, went to downtown Disney, and had overdue family time. April 20th - Wide awake on Easter (the bunny came and my 8 year old discovered the basket...
  6. MJCota

    Just a little excited....

    Thank you :) We got a call lastnight from Victoria and Alberts to make sure there was no food allergies, so that was exciting :) I'm lactose intolerant but I'm not worried about it to much.
  7. MJCota

    How Many Days for you - Part 9

  8. MJCota

    Just a little excited....

    WE LEAVE TOMORROW!!!!!!!! We are driving to GA and stopping for the night then off to FL we go. We don't check into Disney until Sunday morning but we didn't want to drive all day Saturday. Cannot wait to see my son's face when we get there. He's never been and is very excited. We started the...
  9. MJCota

    Hollywood Studios on Easter Sunday?

    What do you think the rest of the week will look like?
  10. MJCota

    Hollywood Studios on Easter Sunday?

    Me too!!!
  11. MJCota

    Check Card for Payment

    We've used our debit/credit card with no issues :) I believe as long as it has a credit card logo (Visa is the usual one) then it's ok.
  12. MJCota

    Shoes to wear around the parks in?

    My suggestion? Whatever YOU are comfortable walking in all day. I'm packing three pairs of shoes myself (well we all are packing a pair of dress shoes for dinner one night). I will bring my sneakers, croc flip flops and another pair of extremely comfortable flip flops. I packed my son his Lego...
  13. MJCota

    Hollywood Studios on Easter Sunday?

    We will be there on Easter (day one for us) and are going to Epcot. I'm expecting crazy crowds but the rest of the week isn't suppose to be to bad from what I've read and heard.
  14. MJCota

    How Many Days for you - Part 9

  15. MJCota

    Not to make you jealous BUT

    It didn't work, I'm jealous! Ha. We leave in 6 days so I guess I won't be jealous for to long :D HAVE FUN!!!!
  16. MJCota

    Trip is closing in, what should I do?

    Nah, I'm one is getting a post card from me LOL. Actually, I should send one to my nieces. They'd love to get something from their Aunt Jessie while I'm away.
  17. MJCota

    What to do after Anniversary dinner?

    Maybe go to downtown Disney. I know you want to avoid the parks but fireworks are always an option. They also have carriage rides at some of the hotels. That'd be great to do after dinner :) Anyone know which ones have them? I can't remember off the top of my head.
  18. MJCota

    Does Disney Do Reminders?

    I guess so! They also send a new magnet in the mail that has important dates, including the final pay off date :D
  19. MJCota

    10 days till we leave and still no magic bands

    AH, that could definitely be why. is a swear word in England, isn't it? Silly me. It makes sense now LOL. It's being mailed to our hotel now so all is good! The day my son was born my father came into the delivery room and said, "He looks just like my dad! I'm calling him Buggy from now...
  20. MJCota

    Does Disney Do Reminders?

    I bet they'd shoot you an email if you hadn't paid of by the due date. I don't know because we paid ours off way before it was due. You could also get the My Disney Experience App for your phone and it is linked to your reservations (you sign in under your account) and also it has awesome...
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