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    weirdest things told to you by a CM.

    And you're proud of this stunt, why?
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    Watching Travel Channel and Vacation Challenge right now

    OMG!!!! That show was so annoying! How can any "travel professional" plan any Disney trip for only two days. And all the misinformation they were giving that family. It was just so sad.
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    Driving Direktions

    You should have an easier time this trip. Alamo now keeps their cars at the Airport. There is no need to take a bus. Just walk across the street from the rental counter to the garage and then follow the signs for the South Exit out of the Airport.
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    Question: Liing about the # of aldults in 1 room!?!

    Actually, Disney does charge a dollar amount when there are more than two adults in a room. For the All-Stars it is $10.00 per extra adult. While, you could lie and say there are only two adults, the rooms at All-Stars are very tiny. I stayed only once by myself and i felt cramped. I can not...
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    Six Flags Over Texas

    Did anyone see the pictures of the flooded Six Flags in Texas? I know Florida gets a lot of rain, but do you think that Walt Disney World could flood in the same way?
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    We received an upgrade at Boardwalk Inn. When we checked in, just mentioned in passing, how terrible the plane trip was (long delay, etc.). Next thing I know the cm moved us from a parking lot view to a lagoon view room. That is Disney Magic.
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    Bonnet Creek

    Well, if you want the whole story, try the search option. The Cliff note version goes as follows: Walt was not able to buy every tract of land. The land in question is bounded by Disney on three sides. That land is going to be Bonnett Creek Resort. I believe Disney was ordered to provide access...
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    Is my Wyndham Palace "special" a good deal? If not, what's a better deal?

    All I can say is that is one fantastic deal. My only suggestion would be to rent a car. The Wyndham does not use Disney transportation. Buses drop you off in the middle of the parking lot. Other than that go for it.
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    By Bus or By Monorail, that is the question...

    Definitely the bus. Buses to MK drop you right at the front gate. If you take shuttle to Epcot, you would walk from bus drop off to monorail. Board the monorail, travel to TTC and change to Express Monrail to MK.
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    Participating In Parade

    Well, my other half and I were asked to be in the parade at MK last year. The only problem . . . . . we had a flight at 4:00 pm back home. I was so disappointed but thats the way the cookie crumbles. BTW, we were walking down Main St. and asked a Cast Member to take our picture and then she...
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    I'm back!!!!!

    Hi all Well it's been a while since I've been on these boards. I needed to get my life in order and move on after the loss of my partner. I'm finally settled and can't wait to start chatting with all the great people on wdwmagic. Disneynut
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    I need to vent!!!!

    Once again, I am so thankful for the wonderful people on this board. We will have to all meet at WDW to celebrate Patrick's life. Robert
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    I need to vent!!!!

    Update Hi all Well again thanks for all the good wishes and prayers. Unfortunately, Patrick passed away at 2:30 am on Saturday 6/14. This has been a hard time but having friends like you guys has helped. Thanx Robert (Disneynut)
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    I need to vent!!!!

    Thank you all!!! It is so comforting to have friends like you!!!! I will keep you updated. Robert
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    I need to vent!!!!

    Hi all. Most of you do not know me as I am not as prolific a poster as some of the members of this forum. However in reading the threads I have come to see that you all are a group of wonderful people who are there for each other. Here goes. My name is Robert and just two days ago my...
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    WDW Letter connection Game

    Rafiki's Planet Watch
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    On or Off Property?

    On property is the only way to go. You have a hassle free vacation (no driving). You feel like you a part of the magic 24 hours a day. And there is nothing a quick stop at your room to refresh and renew yourself.
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    Mini Golf?

    We have played both courses and think that Wintersummerland is the better of the choices. The details and theming are great.
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    Who's going in July?

    We will be there July 19 - 26.
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    What Ride Is This Line From

    Robin Williams on the Animation Tour????
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