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    Walt Disney World Park Hours cut starting September 8 2020

    I read most of this thread with an open mouth. I don't understand wby people are against these changes in hours. From a safety and business sense this is necessary. It's clear that trying to secure the parks in the dark is a more difficult and the fact that the crowds aren't there means they...
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    AVATAR land construction progress

    If I remember correctly they were touting it as a park within a park.
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    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner -

    Great post, this was pretty much my view of things when I first heard the announcement, Albeit it on a grander scale. Alton Towers always has been a testing ground for bigger and grander versions overseas, seems this time it's the gondolas and not a coaster :joyfull:.
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    A Spirited Valentine ...

    Poor, really? Why so?
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    Ticket price increases coming in the next month?

    Nice analogy :) I like to call it culling :joyfull: For now;)
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    AVATAR land construction progress

    And that's putting it mildly :D
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    A Terror-rific Spirited 13th (ToT fans have lots to fear)...

    How long until they start selling points for them?
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    AVATAR land construction progress

    That's exactly the point, these were released for Avatar, they say absolutely nothing about Avatar, hence my comment about style over substance, which pretty much sums up the whole D23 debacle.
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    AVATAR land construction progress

    Style over substance though, that doesn't work, especially in concept art.
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    AVATAR land construction progress

    By "interesting" do you mean terrible?
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    AVATAR land construction progress

    Not this time, but they will want to drag back that cash from somewhere, price increases, future attractions and yet more cash grabs
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    Is this really a thing or is it April 1ST? Cabanas in the parks.

    I too cannot believe this to be true. Disney have had some terrible ideas recently but this is awful even by their standards.
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    A Terror-rific Spirited 13th (ToT fans have lots to fear)...

    Bravo Disney, about time. Too little, too late I;m afraid. Disney spent far too long resting on their laurels and hanging onto the security they thought they had in nostalgia and a loyal fan base. While up the road Uni have been steadily, well not that steadily, improving their offer with new...
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    Toy Story Land expansion announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Try taking the rose tinted glasses off....
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    Lets talk water parks and their future

    I'm pretty sure the slides are different colors to help guests easily differentiate which slide is which on the park maps.
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    Lets talk water parks and their future

    Volcano Bay looks amazing, 200 ft Volcano with night time display State of the art Coaster, first in Orlando Bioluminescent Displays, looks like they beat Avatar to that one. Queueless system Great selection of slides and rides Fantastic Granted the water "theme" park is a stretch but this...
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    A Spirited Dirty Dozen ...

    I posted this over on OU, thought i'd post here too. Been looking at tickets and found these "lite" tickets very interesting. Orlando Freedom Ticket Lite -Available for a Limited Time Only A great option for the price savvy thrill seeker or those looking for just a taste of Florida’s major...
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