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    News 'Disney Enchantment' coming to Magic Kingdom October 1 2021

    Leading up to the debut, several news articles quoted Mark Renfrow that "Just like visual Easter eggs, this has some audio Easter eggs in there," referring to nods to shows that came before. Can someone please point out these "Easter Eggs?" This is a serious question; I'm not trying to be sarcastic.
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    Monorail Track Swaying/Rocking/Shaking?

    That’s exactly what happened! Thanks for validating that we aren’t crazy! Haha Any idea what causes the movement? Is it just the weight of the monorail? Is the beam on a floating hinge or is it the entire track and supports that move?
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    Monorail Track Swaying/Rocking/Shaking?

    We definitely didn’t move. It was almost as if that section of the track was/is on a floating hinge or something. I know it sounds a bit crazy, and I was definitely skeptical when my wife mentioned it and I only caught the tail end of it the first time, but then I saw it happen again. It...
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    Monorail Track Swaying/Rocking/Shaking?

    Then perhaps my wife and I both have Superman eyesight, lol. But, in all seriousness, it sure seemed to be moving to both of us, only when a train approached or left, and just the portion of track actually “sandwiched” in the station, for lack of a better term. It was a shake/sway/rocking...
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    Monorail Track Swaying/Rocking/Shaking?

    Last week, while waiting for the monorail at the Grand Floridian station, my wife pointed out to me how much the monorail track beam in the station was swaying after a monorail had just gone through the station. Similarly, when our monorail approached, the track began to shake/sway again. And...
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    News Circle of Life at The Land Pavilion permanently closing in early February 2018

    Interesting. I just hope this doesn't include getting rid of Living with the Land or changing it too much. My wife and I LOVE that ride. We always ride it multiple times. It's so relaxing, interesting, and educational. We've also done the Behind the Seeds tour three times. Just had our family...
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    Space Mountain Exit Music Question

    This has been bugging me this evening and I'm hoping that someone here can solve my wondering. When I visited this past June, I could have sworn that at some point in the Space Mountain Exit Ramp/Area, the orchestral music by Michael Giacchino (similar to Disneylands ride score) plays...
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    Disneyland AP Discounts at WDW

    Nope, just a Disneyland Deluxe AP. Though, a few years ago, my in-laws had a premiere pass and it was awesome! I probably just encountered some nice CMs, which I pretty much suspected, though I was curious if there was some unofficial policy or practice. I'm also interested if anyone else has...
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    Disneyland AP Discounts at WDW

    Nope, no Disney Visa. The CM just asked if I was a passholder and my wife jokingly said "only to Disneyland" and she gave us the discount. So perhaps I just encountered some nice CMs during this last trip. I was just curious what others' experiences were on the forum.
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    Disneyland AP Discounts at WDW

    During my last visit to WDW last month I noticed that, on a couple of instances, I was given the AP discount when I noted I was a Disneyland passholder (the Behind the Seeds tour was one of the AP discounts I was given). Other times, when asked if I was a passholder at a restaurant or checkout...
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    Circle of Life Preshow Music?

    Hi All, First time posting but long time visitor. I figured this was the best place to ask this: I'm a big Disney Park music collector and one collection of music that I've never been able to find, not even a mention anywhere, is the music that plays in the Circle of Life Pre-Show room. This...
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