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  1. spellbooked

    Coronado Springs TV

    I’ll be staying at Coronado Springs for the first time this week in a standard room (not Gran Destino tower). I read that the rooms in Gran Destino have an interactive TV where you can stream from your device, and this was going to be rolled out to the rest of the resort. Can anyone confirm if...
  2. spellbooked

    CEP eligibility

    Hey! This is probably a stupid question but I can’t find any info on the Disney website. I am thinking about doing the CEP over the summer as it’s always been my dream to do the DCP but I don’t think I’m going to be able to take a semester off from school. I’m just trying to figure out if I...
  3. spellbooked

    Returning WDW purchase to Disneyland

    I was at WDW this week and bought a pair of Disney Parks earrings. I tried them on when I got home and my pair seems to be either broken or just attached incorrectly. I am a Disneyland local and Magic Key Holder. Since they are a generic Disney Parks item, can I return them to the Emporium at...
  4. spellbooked

    Is Memory Maker Worth It?

    There is a deal right now where you can get 2 days of photos for only $69. My mom and I went for 3 days last month and ended up using it for our pictures from HS and MK. You can get all of your photos taken, look at them in the app and then decide after if you want to buy them (that's what we...
  5. spellbooked

    Park Entry without MagicBand

    Hi! So I am going to Epcot for just one day next week with my family while we are in Florida. There are 4 of us: My mom and I both have MagicBands but my aunt and cousin do not. Since it's only one day and there's really no in park use for the bands right now, they're not going to buy any. I...
  6. spellbooked

    POP to Grand Floridian Travel Time?

    Hello! I am staying at Pop Century in February and made a breakfast reservation at the Grand Floridian Cafe on the day I'm not doing any parks. The reservation is at 9:10 am, but I'm now realizing this might not the best plan. I've figured there are two ways to get to GF from POP: either taking...
  7. spellbooked

    Amazon Now Resort Deliveries

    Hello! I'm going to WDW next month and am staying at Pop Century Resort. Since we're not renting a car, I decided the cheapest way to get food and water for our room would be via Amazon Now. My plan was to place my order as I landed in Orlando and pick it up at Bell Services when I got to the...
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