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  1. rael ramone

    News Lasseter taking leave of absence

    One of the articles (THR?) mentioned a 'What do we do about John' meeting and specifically said Zenia was present. Which means Bob knew.
  2. rael ramone

    News Lasseter taking leave of absence

    I think you might have misunderstood my post. I'm not questioning the fact that Bob was an enabler (Chief Enabling Officer).... I'm thinking a major reason that Lasseter got a cushy 'retirement' is because he was enabled. To minimize what John did. To protect Bob.
  3. rael ramone

    News Lasseter taking leave of absence

    There are two standards here when it comes to the various types of corporate and/or public wrongdoing. The question as to which one applies depends on the answer to this question: Is what this individual did Iger Enabled? If yes, you get a 'publicly announced mutually agreed timeout' followed...
  4. rael ramone

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...

    Reminds me of seeing one of the SW Prequels in the theaters. Someone was talking during the 'opening crawl' and another person said 'Quiet, I'm trying to read'....
  5. rael ramone

    News Lasseter taking leave of absence

    I suspect the debate they are making about his return is an effort to minimize his misconduct. Not for the benefit for the person who engaged in said misconduct, but for the benefit for those who enabled said misconduct. I don't hear any buzz about John Skipper coming back to ESPN....
  6. rael ramone

    Alligators captured at Disney doubles

    Second thoughts: My prior post said moving the critters is 'a good thing'. If moving is a euphemism of 'taking these creatures that have been altered by humans from their natural behavior into one much more dangerous and putting them down', then that's good (not for the gators, but for...
  7. rael ramone

    Alligators captured at Disney doubles

    Thoughts: Moving more gators. Good. Are the gators back at LWTL? IIRC, the BTST, but not the BR, mentioned that the gators on the ride in the aquaculture greenhouse were harvested for food and other uses... (don't you just love acronyms)... The bubble - the concept of a 'bubble' isn't...
  8. rael ramone

    Rat bit man at MK. Man sues. No comment from rat.

    It looks like they expanded this special Meet And Greet, designed by TDO to demonstrate their undying commitment to Park Cleanliness... (and yes, the avatar was underneath Spaceship Earth) But seriously, this is not good. (Didn't...
  9. rael ramone

    First Deluxe Resort Stay?

    Somethings to consider: Would staying at a more expensive resort make you feel you need to 'get your moneys worth out of it' and spend more time there, when you'd rather spend that time in the parks? If you want a monorail hotel, would a 'reduced' monorail schedule take your enjoyment away...
  10. rael ramone

    News New Theater to be built at the Magic Kingdom - now cancelled?

    That's 2000 people who aren't buying Turkey Legs and Cockerell Fries and Plush.....
  11. rael ramone

    News 2018 ticket price increases

    I believe, as of the last 'price increase', an unused voucher that hasn't been activated in a certain period of time has to be 'upgraded' by paying the difference between what you paid and what that pass costs when you go to use it.
  12. rael ramone

    News 2018 ticket price increases

    Depending on how you use said pass, it could be cheaper to let it expire, be 'pass free' in between trips, then once you can buy a voucher for a new pass that can be activated once first used. (That's how I used to use AP's, get 2 trips per pass, then allow a full year to pass before activating...
  13. rael ramone

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ... VERY curious. Just what ESPN with their numerous harassment issues needs.... someone who has a history with Matt Lauer...
  14. rael ramone

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...
  15. rael ramone

    News Disney to pilot electronic-only transactions at its resort hotels

    *Travelers* checks..... unless something has changed in the past few months, yes. And unless something has changed in the past few months, they are free at AAA in the U.S. And I'd bring some down with me as my *cash* for the times that only cash works (tips, tolls, cart's that are off the...
  16. rael ramone

    Rumor Brazil is the frontrunner for a new World Showcase Pavilion

    I wonder if the 'freak' chance that Embraer gets acquired by Boeing might negatively affect this. (I say 'freak' since the Brazilian government has both the power as well as the will to say no to this transaction).
  17. rael ramone

    News UCF Peach Bowl/National Championship Parade

    Interesting that on one hand $DIS is broadcasting the *National Championship* game with one of their corporate divisions, and another corporate division is giving a *National Championship* parade to a team that isn't participating in said game.... Haven't read the whole thread, but the AP can...
  18. rael ramone

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Ep 8). SPOILERS. Plot points revealed and discussed.

    Saw it again with a family member. What doesn't work still doesn't work. Carrie Fisher being there isn't the problem. The use of prior musical themes isn't either (that is what sticks with you). And (most of) Luke's story isn't the problem. With the obvious exception of making an unwise...
  19. rael ramone

    A Spirited 15 Rounds ...

    This is potentially HUGE. I don't think I've seen 'MeToo' in any of these cases reach the point where the 'enablers' were actually held accountable - only the assaulters & harassers. If in fact, this is what happened here, it very well be the first. But if it was, why hide it? Why not just...
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