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  1. Kevin_W

    Planning to visit for the first time - stupid question

    I loved that DLP had Premiere access and that it was largely unused (people are not paying €60 for their family of 4 to ride Buzz Lightyear faster). I enjoyed the old-style, democratic system where everyone just waits in line.
  2. Kevin_W

    Rumor Disneyland Paris Project/Rumor Tracker

    Well done. Thanks!
  3. Kevin_W

    Planning to visit for the first time - stupid question

    Good choices. I thought Pym's kitchen was a CS place like in California and didn't realize it was a buffet until we ate there last year. I am not usually a big fan of buffets but we really enjoyed Pym's and it was one of the highlights of our trip. Great theming at Pym's, Captain Jacks, and...
  4. Kevin_W

    Moana 2 (Disney Animation - November 2024)

    I hadn't heard about this movie. Thanks. I'm disappointed that they are back to/still in the CalArts style animation; I do not care for it.
  5. Kevin_W

    Best 3D/4D Film

    The rest of Muppets is great, but I agree that Waldo is annoying (and his 3D effects strain my eyes).
  6. Kevin_W

    Beauty and the Beast Tokyo ride through

    Yeah, we were talking about our favorite Disney rides in all the parks we have visited (haven't been to SDL or HKDL) and this was #1 in the world for my daughter.
  7. Kevin_W

    Shadows Effect Updated On Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

    This effect is my favorite part of the ride. Glad to see it looking good.
  8. Kevin_W

    MAGICal DLP News, Rumours & Thoughts

    Can't say I'm a fan. I'd rather they keep the whimsical character statues from the 30th anniversary.
  9. Kevin_W

    Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris

    I've posted this elsewhere, but I have a new appreciation for Disney timelines when they took 1.5 years to build a Turkey Hill gas station a couple miles from my house. 1.5 years for a gas station. Disney isn't the only one with slow construction.
  10. Kevin_W

    Doing DLP during layover at CDG Questions

    Oh, and I appreciate learning the word "lagniappe" today. :D
  11. Kevin_W

    Doing DLP during layover at CDG Questions

    This sounds like a fun idea! I like logistical challenges like this (my wife, not so much). We've only driven to DLP so I can't help with the train questions, but as others have said, our immigration time has varied considerable in 3 family trips to CDG. Once we waited well over an hour...
  12. Kevin_W

    MAGICal DLP News, Rumours & Thoughts

    I love extra stuff like this. (It would be streetmosphere in the parks. Hotelmosphere here?) Taking a couple extra minutes to get to my room because I'm entertained by a little show is okay with me.
  13. Kevin_W

    Events/Characters questions

    When my daughter was younger Marie was everywhere in WDW. But I think she's pretty rare now.
  14. Kevin_W

    Events/Characters questions

    I don't know of any special events over the summer. For characters, we've seen Bert and the Penguins out as well as the Mad Hatter - those are rare in the US. Avengers Campus has an indoor M&G area where we met Spiderman (I don't recall who else was available) and we met the Wasp outside.
  15. Kevin_W

    News Disney Symphony Of Colors Nighttime Show 2024

    I thought it was pretty great, but it does not replace a parade. Parades don't stop with a little bit of wind and don't require lining up in front of the castle, which are huge plusses. Plus the energy of the parade performers is often the best part of the parades.
  16. Kevin_W

    Have you heard that “The Tower of Terror “ will turn into “ GOTG Mission BREAKOUT ! “ in DLP ?

    Yes, although I was mostly speaking of the exterior queue. It doesn't hold a candle to WDW's or Tokyo's.
  17. Kevin_W

    Have you heard that “The Tower of Terror “ will turn into “ GOTG Mission BREAKOUT ! “ in DLP ?

    Well, that was succinct! :) I actually think this would make some sense from where it is positioned in the park and I always found it to be the weakest themed of the ToT's, particularly the queue.
  18. Kevin_W

    GNSOAT/World of Color Poll

    We visited DL in 2013 and seeing World of Color was actually my favorite experience on that trip. (I'm guessing that was World of Color: OG in the poll?) Unfortunately, we've been to DL twice since then (2018, 2021 and WoC wasn't showing either time.
  19. Kevin_W

    Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith vs TRON Lightcycle / Run

    I enjoy RnRC, but my head doesn't hit the restraints on Tron. SO I vote for the ride that causes less pain!
  20. Kevin_W

    News New Indian restaurant eet by Maneet Chauhan coming to Disney Springs later this year

    Sanaa bread service is also a victim of it's popularity. It used to be reasonable and then every blog started touting "you have to get the bread service at Sanaa!" and Disney raised the price.
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