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  1. TinkerFairy1

    FastPass+ experience group tiers changing for Epcot and Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I reserve fast passes for rides that always have long wait times. We don't get to go very often, and our most recent trip fell before the tier system. It is kind of unfortunate that rides like TSMM and RnR are in the first tier for DHS, I have a feeling we will have to give up one of these rides...
  2. TinkerFairy1

    Disney's Hollywood Studios testing restrictions on FastPass+ selections

    We are going in December and we already have our selections made as well. However, we've had to go back and redo our fastpass reservations on the phone with a tech head (don't know what else to call them) because every time the MyMagic+ Website is updated our reservations were changed. As of...
  3. TinkerFairy1

    Spirited News & Observations II -- NGE/Baxter

    Random observation: POTC is set to reopen after its refurb on July 31. Which happens to be Harry Potter's birthday. Not really a match for whatever US could be planning but an interesting coincidence.
  4. TinkerFairy1

    Merida's New Look

    This is my first thread so bear with me if I made a community faux pas somewhere. Also if this has already been discussed just disregard me all together ;) Everyone was excited for the newest Disney princess to have her official coronation... That is until the new 2D look made its first...
  5. TinkerFairy1

    One hour: Magic Kingdom

    If I only had one hour, I think I would just wander slowly around the park and soak up the atmosphere. Maybe ride the TTA and take a trip on the train. Once the hour is up I'm assuming I would be magically teleported out of the park. However, if they are relying on security to get me out, I...
  6. TinkerFairy1

    Spirited News and Observations and Opinions ...

    Oh no!! We love EMH! My favorite part of the trip is getting to enjoy being in the parks when they are almost empty. However, I do understand that it must be a pain for the cast members when there is approximately one family wandering around at 1:45 in the morning like they literally have...
  7. TinkerFairy1

    Is Le Cellier that bad??

    Oh yes. Needless to say we were treated very well the rest of the night!
  8. TinkerFairy1

    Is Le Cellier that bad??

    We love Le Cellier and eat there almost every trip. As said before, the bread is amazing and the steaks have always been excellent. That being said, our last visit was dampened by a wait issue. We were using DDDP and had reservations that had been booked the second the advanced reservations were...
  9. TinkerFairy1

    When is it fair to report on the upkeep of New Fantasyland?

    I sure hope the expansion isn't falling apart already! While I don't think these bugs are as dire as some people think, I'm not sure i would even notice them if it was my first time seeing the attraction. Maybe I'll just focus on enjoying the attraction rather than nitpicking! Lol
  10. TinkerFairy1

    NextGen CIT (Central Intelligence Thread)

    This may be a dumb question and I apologize if its already been asked, but will we have to wear the bracelet at all times? I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't want to wear a clunky bracelet for my entire vacation
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