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  1. Paper straw fan

    What makes a ride repeatable?

    Well said. To me that’s what separates Disney from other theme parks, the design and theatrics of the rides. If you just wanted thrills you could go to Busch Gardens or Six Flags or Cedar Point- so while I know that they might pivot away from the traditional animatronics, I do hope they sense...
  2. Paper straw fan

    What makes a ride repeatable?

    See I like Tiki Room for the animatronics, and the music. To each their own though. I don’t know if I’ll ever tire of animatronics on rides/shows, even though I know parks will pivot away from them as computer animations become cheaper and easier to do.
  3. Paper straw fan

    What makes a ride repeatable?

    I didn’t really even think much about the music, but that’s a good point. It does add to a potential repeatability factor for sure.
  4. Paper straw fan

    What makes a ride repeatable?

    We can’t be friends.
  5. Paper straw fan

    What makes a ride repeatable?

    I think you nailed it. There are some that are just fun, I try not to be that person yelling out every line from the ride‘s story (It’s just an internal monologue) Some I try to find new stuff on, even if I’ve rode it 1000 times before (Haunted Mansion, Splash) or just a couple times (M&M...
  6. Paper straw fan

    Does anyone else find Rise of the Resistance and Runaway Railway underwhelming?

    I mean, I don’t argue with you, isn’t that most Disney rides? I mean they will never compete with Busch Gardens, Universal, or something like Cedar Point as far as pure adrenaline thrill rides. Especially if it’s a coaster meant for all ages. If anyone thinks GotG is going to be some white...
  7. Paper straw fan

    Does anyone else find Rise of the Resistance and Runaway Railway underwhelming?

    If I compare the experience to the last Disney ride to have such high demand, I think it’s worlds better than FOP. The ‘wait’ experience is far superior to ‘wiggle around’ on that one. Runaway Railroad honestly is a better experience pre and hopefully soon post Covid. I find that one to be...
  8. Paper straw fan

    Gamer Informer's top 300 games of all time

    My “what the ?” On this list was Uncharted 4 over UC2. Four was great, although it didn’t really wow you like 2 did when it came out. 2 started with a huge bang and only let up occasionally to tell a great story. I still enjoy it. Most on here make sense although you can certainly squabble about...
  9. Paper straw fan

    Vader Immortal Coming To PSVR This Summer

    I contemplated getting this during Targets buy 2 get one sale this week. But I scored a PlayStation 5 so I got 2 games for it and a Switch game. I’ll possibly wait for a sale. (obviously I own a lot of consoles and some peripherals!)
  10. Paper straw fan

    Motion Sickness - How Do You Prepare / Prevent it?

    If you want a very stupid combo to never try, I had a large alcoholic beverage at Universal and then right after ride HP Forbidden Journey. Everything stayed down, but j had to go sit perfectly still in the AC for nearly an hour before I could continue. I wonder what the worst combo is, I’d...
  11. Paper straw fan

    Future of FP+ vs Virtual Queues

    I know I can enjoy when we ‘get over’ and get a good list of rides that day, but I feel for (some) people who for whatever reason don’t really get FP before they go. I know one day a nice family visiting at AK, that was in stand by on Safari, asked me what we did to get FP. They honestly didn’t...
  12. Paper straw fan

    Lost and Found

    We ran into a family in AK that lost a bag that apparently had everything essential in it- money, credit cards, ID’s, their keys... I’m sure there was a lesson in there about maybe keeping that stuff safer/not letting it out of sight, but man... they were in a real bind. We helped look and got...
  13. Paper straw fan

    Lost and Found

    I did lose sunglasses there myself, and didn’t go look for them, but I think I was out $5 tops for mine. (If that, they may have been a giveaway somewhere) I lost a pair of Ray Bans before, thus it was my last expensive pair of sunglasses (hence the cheap ones I lose now!) but that stinks. From...
  14. Paper straw fan

    Lost and Found

    Where did they find it, and what condition was it previously in? ive found their lost and found to be tremendous. My wife lost my wedding ring on Frozen and they’d found it by the time we walked back to the front. I’d told her it was gone, and let’s just continue on, but we went, and sure...
  15. Paper straw fan

    Which attraction would you want to be barefoot on least?

    Ok, there’s a fairly big consensus here, so I’ll try and rank a few- Least: Splash, Pirates, and, hear me out, 7 dwarfs- less for the ride, more for the long, mostly outdoor concrete walkway line. 9 months a year in FL, that is almost like fire walking. Not coincidence all these rides are at...
  16. Paper straw fan

    Hall of Presidents Refurbishment Watch

    Ah. well if they’re cheaping out on that ride that bad, they could close it..but there’s been 1 term presidents in there before.
  17. Paper straw fan

    Entitled Manchild/Horrible Father Harasses Cast Member

    You could say that about a lot of the internet, this place included. But yeah, there are people that whenever I see them posting non stop on FB, in my mind I think “I guess another girl broke up with Darren!” of course, everyone is a little bored right now, so I get it more than usual. Not a...
  18. Paper straw fan

    NCAA College Football and COVID-19

    Yeah Dan Mullen almost begged for this. What few protocols are there for a reason. And frankly they need more. Gonna continue to be a weird season.
  19. Paper straw fan

    Motion Sickness - How Do You Prepare / Prevent it?

    It’s funny, and probably not coincidence but the rides OP names are the ones that give me trouble too (and Primeval Hurl) so in addition to suggesting the pills (bands do nothing for me, but something w mecalazine works) I have a couple things w the rides- Dinosaur seems to be much worse in the...
  20. Paper straw fan

    NBA 2023/24 Official Discussion Thread (Current Champions: Denver Nuggets)

    Rock on. I’m just trying to find whatever sport people who don’t want the participants to have any sort of outward opinion or ideas would watch. FWIW 90s WCW was a blast
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