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  1. IndianaJones

    Tearful moments in Disney films

    That movie never happened. It never happened... I tend to agree with most of the answers that have been posted. One for me that gets me every time is actually in Wreck it Ralph. The end scene where he's falling and giving the "Villains Oath". My allergies were definitely acting up there...or...
  2. IndianaJones

    Loews Sapphire Falls to open in summer 2016

    I like it. I'm a sucker for water features. And based on the art it looks lovely. Of course we don't know very much about it at all so making snap judgements is silly. Universal hasn't done much wrong recently, so we shall see. I wouldn't hate necessarily if this was a "moderate" of sorts...
  3. IndianaJones

    The fabulous 'Tony Baxter Tour of Disneyland' - a venture

    Fantastic looking shirt @Figments Friend. Not sure if you saw but the Season Pass podcast released a third Tony Baxter interview which was just as much fun as the first 2. Excited to read about your trip. Although your constant trips out there are making me jealous.
  4. IndianaJones

    Your Favorite Disneyland Classic Fantasyland Dark Ride!

    And to answer the actual question. I think mine is Alice. It is quite a silly and charming ride that I always seem to enjoy. And I really love going outside, it is something unique that none of the others have. Can't wait to get out there and ride the updated version.
  5. IndianaJones

    Your Favorite Disneyland Classic Fantasyland Dark Ride!

    Apparently they were going to do that in Florida instead of Toad but ended up building the double tracks of Toad instead
  6. IndianaJones

    In your opinion, which resort.....

    For me personally, I'm not a huge fan of the values. I'm a pass holder so I when I do stay over there I don't stay during the crazy times so I can usually get one of the moderates at a fair price. My wife and I are really big fans of Riverside. We do tend to spend some time at the resorts when...
  7. IndianaJones

    Space Mountain vs. Space Mountain

    I'm 6'6" and around 265. I've never had any issue on Disneyland's Space Mountain. Tons more room on DL's compared to WDW. @ssaamm is correct, the Matterhorn is more like WDW's Space Mountain, but it's mostly outside, so no need to fear decapitation in the dark. ;)
  8. IndianaJones

    New Star Wars writer/director for VIII and IX

    Last I read, he was only directing Episode 8 and was writing a treatment for Episode 9. Either way, you've got really talented peopled working on these films and that makes this guy happy.
  9. IndianaJones

    The fabulous 'Tony Baxter Tour of Disneyland' - a venture

    That I can agree with. Journey into Imagination is still to this day one of my absolute favorites and it would've been a crime to never have had it. Definitely check out the interview when given the chance. I don't think you'll be disappointed. What I can't wait for is when Tony ends up...
  10. IndianaJones

    The fabulous 'Tony Baxter Tour of Disneyland' - a venture

    Loved the Disney gallery pictures. When I do get back out there that is a stop I will be making. And I completely agree with everyone saying that the fact that Discovery Bay didn't happen is a crime. I'm sure you have, but have you listened to "The Season Pass" podcast interview with Tony...
  11. IndianaJones

    The fabulous 'Tony Baxter Tour of Disneyland' - a venture

    Nice. Excited for more updates to this thread! Can't wait to read more!
  12. IndianaJones

    Universal Orlando raises parking fees

    And it would fit the theme!
  13. IndianaJones

    what's your favorite live action disney movie?

    The Rocketeer is one of my all time favorites! Hate that it didn't do well, because it kills me that we didn't get the trilogy that was supposed to happen.
  14. IndianaJones

    DLR Picture of the Day

  15. IndianaJones

    DLR Picture of the Day

  16. IndianaJones

    Favorite non-Disney animated films

    The puppets from Pizza There's a blast from the past. My brother and I had Spike and Little Foot. We adored The Land Before Time growing up and as far as I'm concerned it still holds up. Although it was a lot shorter then I remember it being when I watched it recently. My son was...
  17. IndianaJones

    Thunder Mountain to close this September and will remain closed through most of 2013

    Looks pretty good. I know people tend to not like projections, but this looks sharp.
  18. IndianaJones

    Raccoon with a gun! The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is here.

    Can't wait for this. Hope it performs well too.
  19. IndianaJones

    Universal Studios Singapore - Review

    I'm personally okay with this. We know UNI can do thrills. I don't mind a few tamer rides to cool down on. So I would welcome this in Florida. That being said, I'm glad you had a great time. Would be neat to visit there someday.
  20. IndianaJones

    Uni Trip Report

    Glad to hear you had a great time minus the issues with the hotel. I've only ever stayed at Portofino once and that was years ago. I remember being blown away, but like I said I Need to go back. I'd like to try the others as well. I was just telling my wife how much I want to get her out...
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