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  1. tenchu

    Always Remember........

    Here here
  2. tenchu

    TTA Changes Name

    To someone who has never been in the park before 'Tomorrowland Transport Authority' tells them absolutely nothing about the attraction, or even that it is something for them to ride! It sounds more like the guys that go around scraping the vomit off of Space Mountain. At least this new name...
  3. tenchu

    TRAMP - Semper Fi

    This is my first visit to the site in quite some time - very sad to hear this news. Best wishes to Tramp's family and all the faces old and new that belong to this community - because threads like this make you realise this place really is a community. :wave:
  4. tenchu

    Happy Birthday, Tenchu!

    Only from the waist down.
  5. tenchu

    Happy Birthday, prberk!

    Happy Birthday good Sir, apologies for it's tardiness.
  6. tenchu

    Happy Birthday, Tenchu!

    Ah Rod, I knew I could rely on you! To you and Tigsmom - may the sun shine on you and all who sail upon you. To everyone else, i hope your bottoms erupt with more boils than the night sky has stars! :wave::xmas::wave:
  7. tenchu

    Happy Birthday, Tramp!

    Happy Birthday, Auld Yin! Hope you have a cracker. :xmas::wave:
  8. tenchu

    Happy Birthday Steve!(wdwmagic)

    Happy birthday champ. Chapeaux. :xmas:
  9. tenchu

    I'm a Daddy!

    Congratulations big man. I remember the days when you were young, footloose and fancy free. Now look at you - on the first step to becoming a breeding machine! Chapeau! :xmas::wave:
  10. tenchu

    UK - Virgin Attraction Tickets

    You have given me food for though, good Sir.
  11. tenchu

    UK - Virgin Attraction Tickets

    We're in a similar position as we just don't have time to go to Busch Gardens, and none of us are huge water park fans (would probably go to a Disney one if we did anyway) We'll probably use 2 days in Seaworld and one each in Universal Studios and Island of Adventure. However, if we can get a...
  12. tenchu

    UK - Virgin Attraction Tickets

    Yep, I'm booked elsewhere, but it does look like you can just order tickets. Seems to be the way to go. And on the OrlandoFlextickert website, the standard Flexticket price is £178! That's a big saving once you add 5 of those up! :xmas: :wave:
  13. tenchu

    UK - Virgin Attraction Tickets

    Hi guys - probably only relevent to UK bods, but all input welcome. Trawling for tickets for my visit next month, Virgin appears to be much cheaper than anywhere else at the moment (for Orlando Flextickets certainly, only slightly cheaper than Disney for Ultimate passes) (£215 for the 14...
  14. tenchu


    Happy Birthday! Apologies for my tardiness. :xmas: :wave:
  15. tenchu

    Early Christmas wishes...

    Okay, I admit it was just an excuse to post a Hasselhoff picture. I apologise. :lookaroun
  16. tenchu

    Early Christmas wishes... all my chums at WDWMagic, both those I have got to know so well over the years, and those I've not yet had the chance to meet. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a stonking New Year Love Tenchu (That's an order) :xmas::wave...
  17. tenchu

    Happy birthday wdwfreak53

    Happy birthday mon frere. :xmas: :wave:
  18. tenchu

    Well peeps...

    Milfy, you'd think you might have worked out what was causing you to keep getting pregnant by now! Congratulations! :wave:
  19. tenchu

    Well peeps...

    Congratulations Brian. Sorry I couldn't be at the wedding, it appears my invitation must have got lost in the post. :veryconfu:animwink: Now, was this a shotgun wedding? :wave:
  20. tenchu

    This is terrible! (Thread orginally posted 9/11/2001)

    Just making my annual check in around this time of year for this thread. Hope everyone is doing well.
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